Cultivating Passion: Meet Anita


If you ask my kids where they’ll find me in my house, they’ll likely answer either in the kitchen or the gym. 

Between meal prepping and planning, cooking, baking, eating, and drinking an adult beverage, it’s safe to say I love being around good quality food and feeding my family. My kids are always my taste testers, helpers, and food critics.
When I was a kid growing up, a home-cooked meal was my mom’s love language. She loved to let her creative juices flow in the kitchen. While my background is South Asian, my mom would dabble in various cuisines for us to try and enjoy. As a kid, I watched her with awe at how she seamlessly flowed from one area of the kitchen to the next. She made cooking and hosting look so easy and managed it all herself.

Growing up, I never thought I would cultivate a similar passion for cooking or create a sense of food comfort for my two sons.

My boys have started to appreciate home-cooked meals, cuisine varieties, and my creative mind offering them various baked foods with a “healthy” twist. Surprisingly enough, my older son has already taken an interest in learning the basics of cooking. He enjoys baking and making simple recipes! It brings me absolute joy to see this generational love and passion for food being passed down and appreciated.

Some of those early experiences with food, along with my post-college fitness enthusiasm, propelled me to pursue the nutrition and wellness industry. 

I never realized that pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and becoming a dietitian would be my true calling. It has been eye-opening to experience this industry, and very empowering to utilize the knowledge first-hand.
As a dietitian, I aim to help people find their true wellness lifestyle. While focusing on what you eat is essential, many other factors are involved in achieving this optimal balance, and I hope to help as many people as possible.
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Anita is a Registered dietitian and fitness professional. With over 15 years of experience, she specializes in women’s health and overall lifestyle wellness. Her goal is to help people achieve their optimal set-up with an intuitive and balanced approach. As a mother of two young boys, Anita has been through various life cycle phases. She is passionate about helping women, especially those in their mid-30s and above, find their healthy balance! Anita recently launched ARM NUTRITION, a nutrition telehealth platform that accepts insurance. Anita has contributed content to MBG (mind body green), The Skimm, Romper, Women’s Health, and more. She writes and offers her expertise as needed and loves to be a trusted resource.