A college boy in his room.

The Freshman 15

Freshman 15 refers to the theory that first-year college students gain around 15 pounds during their freshman year of college. Luckily my son avoided that. Unfortunately for me, those 15 pounds landed nicely on me! Nevertheless, freshman year has come...
A toddler and baby laying on their bellies.

Two Will be Fun!

I had no idea what I was getting into having my first child; naïve was commonly used to describe me. But a year in, I felt like I got it, a little internal confidence that you hide from everyone...
In a world with so much animosity and hatred, teaching our kids that a simple act of kindness can go a long way. Kids begin to socialize as early as preschool, and as they progress, their perspectives will most...
Kids today playing video games.

The 90s: New and Nostalgic

If you ever go on social media, then chances are you follow an account related to 80s/90s nostalgic content. It seems like every generation spends at least some part of their middle age wistfully remembering their childhoods. In this...
Welp, here we are again, friends. It’s potty training season in my house. I’ve potty trained two of my three kids, and now it’s time for the last child to shed his diapers and use the toilet like the...
As my son transitioned into a toddler bed this week, we’ve reflected on his past sleeping habits. He’s always been an amazing sleeper (don’t worry, we fully expect if we have a second child, they will be the opposite...
Baby stuff getting packed away.

I’m Not Ready

Boxes and totes overflow in my spare bedroom. The mountains of baby clothing are interspersed with hills of baby gear, outgrown and now ready for a new life in the attic. I'm supposed to go through this mess and start...
Girls at a sleepover.

The Great Sleepover Debate

If you have been keeping up with parenting blogs, daytime talk shows, or podcasts, then you will not be a stranger to the new debate dividing parents across the country. Headlining titles such as "The Case for Sleepovers" in...
A woman breastfeeding a baby while standing.

At Last

It was day four of my postpartum journey after delivering my first daughter via c-section. I was sitting at my dining room table. It should have been like any other dinner with my husband, but it wasn't. This time,...
Two girls copying each other.

Copycat Syndrome

Kids have a mind of their own, yet they choose time and time again to use someone else’s. If their bestie loves bowling, they do too. If your kiddo despises hot dogs, and you suddenly find them requesting them...

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