A Guide to Pediatric Care in Westchester County

A guide to pediatric care in Westchester County.

Once we become moms, caring for our babies encompasses our whole world. We want to support our children in every way possible. From pediatricians to speech pathologists to dental care providers, we need a team to help support us and help our children grow. We’ve put together our first annual guide to the best pediatric care in Westchester County to help you find the best care and support for you and your family! Please support our sponsors!



Westchester Myofunctional Specialties is a health and wellness center founded by Hetal A. Sutaria and Nicole M. Tobon, offering multiple specialties in the same location to best serve the needs of their patient population. Hetal A. Sutaria and Nicole M. Tobon are Orofacial Myologists who aid in treating Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders and treating young children into adulthood. These are disorders within the muscles of the face and mouth that allow us to speak, eat, and breathe properly to thrive. An imbalance within these muscles can present itself as a child who is in speech therapy with limited improvement, picky eating, poor sleep quality, relapse after orthodontic treatment, TMJ pain, and prolonged non-nutritive sucking habits. Each therapy program is individualized, focusing on our patient’s need to improve tongue position, oral rest posture, and nasal breathing. They firmly believe in collaboration to allow patients to reach their full potential. Their group has two speech and language pathologists and a pediatric dentist who provides laser treatment for tongue and lip ties.


Hudson Chiropractic
Dr. Ivana Vargas of Hudson Chiropractic & Wellness is a Chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique and Active Release Technique to treat pregnant mothers, postpartum, and pediatrics. With these techniques used during pregnancy, there have been outcomes of faster deliveries and less use of interventions. She also includes services like cupping, traction, and adjustments to restore and maintain the function of the body as a whole. Dr. Ivana Vargas has helped patients with back pain, sciatica, breeched babies, latching issues, ear infections, and more.


Roaring Brook Speech
Roaring Brook Speech-Language Pathology offers a variety of speech and language services, including consultation, diagnostic evaluation, and therapy, to the pediatric population using a warm, inviting, family-centered, collaborative approach. They specialize in receptive, expressive, and mixed language disorders, speech sound disorders, fluency (stuttering), hearing disorders, social (pragmatic) communication disorders, and Autism spectrum disorders. Roaring Brook Speech-Language Pathology is conveniently located in Chappaqua Crossing.


Ardsley Dental
Ardsley Family Dental is proud to offer a truly comprehensive family dentistry in Ardsley. Dr. David Aranbayev is an experienced general and cosmetic dentist, and Dr. Rose Amable is a board-certified pediatric dentist. They are passionate about your family’s dental wellness and overall well-being. Their commitment is to look beyond the teeth and do everything they can to set patients up for a lifetime of good health. Their experience shows that proper facial development, a healthy airway, and restorative sleep will help patients thrive!


Rivertown Pediatrics
Rivertowns Pediatrics is Westchester County’s only concierge primary care pediatrics practice. They offer direct, 24/7 access to your child’s pediatrician, same-day appointments, video visits, and house calls. Appointments are thorough and never rushed so your child gets the best care possible.


Dentistry for Children at Mt. Kisco

Dentistry For Children is a leading pediatric dental and orthodontic provider whose mission is to ensure every child in Westchester County has a dental home. Their organization provides high-quality, compassionate oral health care services for infants, children, adolescents, and young people with special health care needs. They pride themselves on offering “best practices” focused on prevention, early detection, and the advanced, precise, and safe treatment of dental disease. Dentistry For Children knows a child’s dental health affects their overall health, and their goal is to ensure every child’s well-being through excellent dental care.


Hudson Valley Tongue-Tie Center was created to provide a warm, tranquil and comforting experience for frenectomy patients. The team at Hudson Valley Tongue-Tie is devoted to helping mothers, newborns, and infants overcome nursing and feeding challenges. Their expertise in tongue and lip-ties and careful attention to detail provide a smooth, quick, and precise frenectomy experience for infant, child, and adolescent patients and their parents. They work closely with surrounding IBCLCs, lactation consultants, oromyofunctional therapists, orthodontists, and other professionals to obtain the best possible result for a patient’s overall health and well-being.


Valley Pediatric Dentistry has provided care to the Westchester County communities for 20 years. Their practice was designed specifically for a child’s comfort. Their modern and safe open bay treatment areas, child-friendly themes, and parent-friendly atmosphere are designed to enhance your family’s dental experience. They take pride in caring for the community by providing high-quality, conveniently accessible, compassionate oral health care in a nurturing environment.


Stern Orthodontics

Almost everyone can benefit in some way from orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics focuses on diagnosing and treating non-ideal biting patterns- how your teeth meet affects your smile and oral health. The time for evaluation is usually around eight years of age to make sure your kid’s teeth are headed in the right direction. Come by or call Stern Orthodontics for more information! They are in Mt. Kisco, NY, near the Northern Westchester Hospital.


Cohen Family Smiles

Cohen Family Smiles specializes in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. The doctors and their amazing team are here to provide the best pediatric care for your children and are passionate about promoting lifelong oral health. Safety, comfort, and education are important models that they institute for every patient! Achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is their #1 goal, and they are here to help every step of the way!

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Purchase Park Orthodontics of Westchester

Purchase Park Orthodontics is a specialized orthodontic practice in Westchester County, providing Braces, Invisalign, and Clear aligner dental treatment for all age groups, including adults and children. Their practice has the specialized equipment, facility, and staff to deliver the highest quality orthodontic treatments in a caring, friendly, and open environment. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Westchester, please call them today to schedule your appointment.



Welcome to Smile Studio Orthodontics, where they are committed to delivering a customized, stress-free orthodontic experience to families in lower Westchester. They embrace the latest cutting-edge technology to craft a treatment plan that aligns perfectly with your smile goals, schedule, and budget. They understand that each patient is unique, and they tailor services accordingly. While you’re with them, they invite you to indulge in well-deserved relaxation in their reception area—whether before or after your treatment or while waiting for your child. Their goal is to ensure that your time with them is effective for your orthodontic needs and a genuinely soothing and enjoyable experience.

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Once Upon a Tooth Pediatric Dentistry

Once Upon a Tooth Pediatric Dentistry is led by board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Lisneida “Lis” Arjona, who is dedicated to providing top-quality dental care for children of all ages. Kids require specialized care, and they strive to create a welcoming and friendly environment where children can feel comfortable and safe during their dental visits. Their practice believes in minimally invasive, mindful, gentle dentistry for kids and uses books to promote healthy habits. They offer preventative dentistry such as regular checkups, cleanings, and fluoride treatments to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong. They also offer restorative dentistry services such as fillings and crowns to repair any damage or decay that may occur. Their team of dental professionals is committed to providing the best possible experience for your child.

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