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We all love our own little cozy corners of Westchester. There are many things to do and see, places to eat, and parks to visit. Who doesn’t love exploring the county and “finding” the kid-friendly gems! We are spotlighting some of the best places so that other moms can take advantage and get a glimpse into what we love the most about Westchester! Read all posts in our Spotlight on Westchester Series.Scarsdale

Five years ago, if someone told me that I’d be moving to the suburbs and living in Scarsdale, I would have made a pretty sizable bet against it because of my strong love for Manhattan. However, I’ve always loved exploring Westchester County, from local hiking and biking adventures to day trips.

When COVID hit, my husband was on a mission to move out of the city, and the search in the suburbs began. I’ll admit that I was very apprehensive about the whole process. As New York transplants, we came with a clean slate — no Westchester friends to sway us. While our criteria was different as we started our search, we kept an open mind as we traipsed everywhere within an hour’s train ride of the city.

Scarsdale piqued our interest for a few reasons: the proximity to Manhattan with the ease of local and express train options, the highly rated local school district from elementary to high school, and the community. While it’s not exactly a hub of activity, its central location puts us 20-30 minutes from anywhere we might want to go — the bay to the east, the Hudson to the west, Manhattan to the south, and the charming towns of Northern Westchester to the north.

We decided to take the leap and move to Scarsdale in 2020, not knowing anyone but with the full curiosity to explore every nook of the beautiful town. Between 2020 and 2021, my two young boys and I would hop on our bikes and explore various routes, landing at local parks such as Davis Park, Hyatt Field, Aspen Park, Scarsdale Public Library, and Boulder Brook Equestrian Center.

Three years later, we’re proud to call Scarsdale home. It has been a great place to settle down and integrate ourselves into a community of like-minded families, all from different places but many with deep connections to Manhattan.


You don’t move to Scarsdale for the restaurants. Full stop. But we’ve found a handful of spots that will serve the purpose of reprieve and even satisfy those cravings.

Chat, an American brasserie with plenty of outdoor seating, is an easy place to meet just about anyone. We’re lucky to have a fully gluten-free spot, Popojito, close to home that serves GF churros! When we start feeling too lazy to head into NYC (which happened the day we left the city), we go to Metro Deli for matzo ball soup and tuna melts. We can get gelato at Mimi’s by Martine’s right next to the Scarsdale train station or a delightful cone at Haagen-Dazs at the Village on a warm day. Post activities, kids of all ages love the Scoop Shop in Five Corners as a fun social spot.

In the last year and a half, Scarsdale has offered more fine-scale dining with three new options. Cafe Alaia on Garth Road has delicious Italian food and boasts exceptional service. One Rare Italian Steakhouse offers a chic city vibe with popular Italian classics and a seasonal brunch menu. Michelin, a new French bistro, offers a local and seasonal menu curating some of the best French-inspired dishes.


One of the best aspects of Scarsdale (to me, at least!) is how active the residents are! Once the weather transitions out of the winter chill, people play tennis, biking, and power-walking or running. Scarsdale also has a town pool, whose rolling hills and massive shady trees provide an idyllic backdrop to watching your kids romp around from baby pool to diving pool through the years, and good news to come – the entire pool complex will be undergoing a full renovation in the upcoming year! The pool complex also has a playground and a basketball court and serves food. One of the most memorable town activities is when they gather and watch fireworks on July 4th.

Similarly, residents can take advantage of the super affordable tennis and pickleball courts and lessons, numerous playgrounds, and various town activities. Hyatt Park, with its zipline and other unique playground equipment, is a great place to spend an afternoon, even for older kids. We also enjoy peaceful walks along the Bronx River Pathway or the accessible high school track.

The amazing town library has been fully renovated and offers a variety of adult and youth programming, and by the end of 2024, it will start the landscape renovation, allowing for additional amenities to enhance the library’s presence.


We’re lucky to have a village where teens and families can hang out and, for many, are within walking distance. Some favorites include:

Funky Monkey: This toy store is the perfect neighborhood pitstop to grab gifts for dozens if not hundreds, of birthday parties on the calendar or perhaps a treat for your kids. They curate and carry a range of toys, from baby stuff to craft boxes to books and more, in an easy-to-get-in-and-out space. And they wrap for free!

La Dentelliere: You can find unique and one-of-a-kind gorgeous tableware and home decor at this cute little spot. It’s the perfect place for a housewarming gift or something or something special to spark up your kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

Great Stuff: Whether you need an outfit for a night out or something simple to jazz up your wardrobe, Great Stuff has it all. It is an independent boutique with various brand names and has a few locations throughout Westchester.

Bronx River Books: An independent bookstore with jigsaw puzzles and a resident dog!


A big part of what drew us to Scarsdale was the size of the schools and student body. Compared to many Westchester towns, the middle and high schools were large enough to allow kids flexibility to find their crew and move in and out of groups as necessary. And while we didn’t want a pressure cooker, we also liked the idea of a world-class education in a public school setting.

With young kids, we are eager to see how the schools shape up, but so far, we haven’t been disappointed. The class sizes are appropriate, and the teachers have impressive resumes.


Scarsdale is among the most motivated and committed communities I have ever encountered. There are a lot of civic-minded people throwing themselves into local organizations and participating in town governance. They’re setting up and running services like composting, organizing committees to elect village officials, and creating more activities for residents (not to mention they’re ensuring that public officials are on the ball).

So, if you’re considering moving to Westchester County, look at our little town. And if you just want a day trip? Come for a visit. Maybe the sun will peek out from behind the clouds to welcome you, too!

Where is your favorite spot in Scarsdale?

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