Life Lessons From Dogs


I have a small sign in my kitchen, “Dogs may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Dogs are angels sent to teach us how to live and love better. And sometimes their jobs are to comfort and even heal. My Golden Retriever, Lorenzo, did that for a stranger. His very being brought her to tears as she was reminded of her young Golden, who passed far too young. I watched as she hugged him, looked into his eyes, and truly loved him. It was so emotional that it brought me to tears. She thanked me and apologized for letting her tears flow. I told her that’s what dogs are for, because aren’t they?

This made me think about how dogs truly teach us invaluable life lessons. Humans sometimes forget how to be more light-hearted and live more uncomplicated lives. But if we pay attention, our dogs can show us how.

1. Judge by who you are and not by what you have.

Dogs don’t care about how much money you have, how big your house is, or what type of car you drive. They love you for who you are and how you treat them.

2. Live in the present moment.

Dogs aren’t stuck in the past or worry about the future. They live in the moment. They also don’t hold grudges. They shake it off and move on.

3. Loyalty.

The most loyal beings on the planet are dogs. They love their owners unconditionally and protect them at all costs.

4. Enjoy the simple things in life.

A dog is happiest when going on a walk, playing a game of fetch, or getting belly rubs.

5. Forgiveness.

Dogs are quick to forgive. If you are having a bad day and aren’t giving them much attention, they forgive you and still cherish you anyway.

6. Remember to play.

Dogs remain young at heart. They are always willing to play and have fun.

Enjoy the companionship of your dog. Please don’t take them for granted. And we always learn from all they teach us.


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