There’s No Place Like Home: Why I Love Westchester County


An arial view of Westchester County.Westchester County is home to many amazing things to do, see, taste, and feel. Aside from being located so close to the Big Apple, the county on the Hudson has incredible views and endless activities that appeal to the wide variety of folks that reside in the area. After living in multiple locations up and down the East Coast, I’ve truly only been able to call one place “home.”

Although many of the cities and towns I’ve lived in each have their own amazing qualities, I find myself coming back to “Westchestah” time and again. Only recently have I been able to understand why. For those who live here, there truly is no place like home.

The Beauty

The river towns up and down the mighty Hudson offer some of the best scenery and waterfront parks. There are absolutely breathtaking views of the nearby mountains and an intriguing look into the nuances of river life. The stunning setting makes the Hudson River towns amazing wedding venues. Not to mention, the backdrop of the Hudson creates magazine-worthy pictures. Nothing is more relaxing than a stroll through one of the many beautiful waterfront parks.

Each town is equipped with amazing restaurants to accompany the view. There is something quite calming about grabbing a drink along the Hudson and enjoying the big views from the small towns. From the north to the south, even in the dead of winter, with no leaves and tons of snow and ice, the beauty of the Hudson River has no competition.

The History 

Diverse, rich, and historic cultures fill each town within the County limits. From the legend of Sleepy Hollow to the Yellow Brick Road in Peekskill, each town has a story. And each story has some deep connection to the history of this country. Spending a day at Boscobel gives you a glimpse into life during colonial times in Westchester and gives a feel for how deep the history runs in this county. Although once inhabited by the Rockefeller family, the now FDR State Park provides a serene getaway from the hustle of everyday life.

The Big Town Amenities with the Small Town Feel 

There is so much to do here in Westchester that does not include going into the city. Some of the greatest hiking trails in northern Westchester are known across the US. Pristine state parks make for excellent summertime get-togethers. Each park hosts many amazing fairs and diverse annual celebrations that everyone will enjoy.

Go a bit further south, and you’ll get a busy night on the town while enjoying some of the best food and drink anywhere in the country. Westchester is also home to an abundance of museums and performance centers for those looking to dive into the arts.

Thrill seekers will also enjoy Playland, one of New York’s oldest theme parks. Westchester, the heart of the Hudson Valley, has an abundance of amazing farms that provide beautiful bounty and double as a great family outing. Although NYC is considered the Big Apple, plenty of smaller ones are waiting to be picked right here in Westchester.

Why do you love living in Westchester? What’s your favorite thing about our beautiful home?

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A Westchester native, Rachel is a lover of all things DIY, food, and Harry Potter. After graduating from Mercy College with a Masters in Education, she moved to Orlando in 2012 to teach, only to find there is no place like home. Rachel is the wife to one amazing Chef, Lucas, mommy to 2 beautiful baby girls, Lana and Harper, and a very handsome fur baby, Levi. Rachel is excited to raise her kids where she grew up and continue the traditions she was raised with, especially going to Yankee games in the summer. When she is not juggling family and teaching, you can find her exploring all Westchester has to offer.



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