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We all love our cozy little corners of Westchester. There are many things to do and see, places to eat, and parks to visit. Who doesn’t love exploring the county and “finding” the kid-friendly gems! We are spotlighting some of those awesome places so other moms can take advantage. Read all posts in our Spotlight on Westchester Series.

Spotlight on Peekskill, Westchester.

Peekskill is one of my absolute favorite cities to visit in Westchester County. There’s so much to do, and you’re surrounded by stunning views of the Hudson River. Peekskill truly has something special for everyone to do when it comes to enjoying all this city has to offer. Whether you’re interested in enjoying an afternoon boozy brunch, catching a show, visiting an art gallery, taking the kids to an outdoor playground, or walking along the scenic Hudson River, you can do it all and then some when it comes to this unique and beautiful city.

1. Hudson River Views

Peekskill’s waterfront offers picturesque scenes and is perfect for a leisurely stroll. Grab a good book and enjoy the peace and serenity, or take your boat to tour the city and embrace the day!

2. Paramount Hudson Valley

Visit the historic Paramount Hudson Valley Theater for live performances, concerts, and events. You’ll not only catch big-name performances, but you’ll also have the opportunity to support locals and catch a show to end a perfect night out!

3. Hiking Trails

Explore the many hiking trails in the area, such as the Blue Mountain Reservation or Anthony’s Nose, which offer beautiful vistas. You can also visit the Teatown Lake Reservation or Depew Park for more opportunities to connect with nature.

4. Peekskill Brewery

Sample local craft beer at Peekskill Brewery, a popular spot for beer enthusiasts.

5. Art Galleries

Peekskill has a thriving art scene. Check out the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art and other local galleries.

6. Antique Shopping

Hunt for unique finds in Peekskill’s antique shops and boutiques.

7. Bird’s Eye View

Take a ride on the Peekskill Scenic Railroad for a different perspective of the area.

8. Historic Sites

Explore the rich history of Peekskill by visiting sites like the Peekskill Military Academy Historic District.

9. Dining Scene

Enjoy a diverse culinary scene with restaurants offering various cuisines, including Italian, Mexican, and American. Some of my faves are Iron Vine and Ramenesque! Don’t forget the iconic Homestyle Bakery, where you’ll find a line wrapped around outside during the holiday season!

10. Riverfront Green Park

Spend some time in Riverfront Green Park, a lovely place for picnics and relaxation.

11. Cultural Events

Check out local events and festivals, as Peekskill often hosts cultural and music festivals. 

12. Farmers’ Market

Enjoy fresh local produce, handmade items, and more when you visit the Peekskill Farmer’s Market.

Where is your favorite spot in Peekskill?

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