Too Hot to Turkey Trot? Or Not?


Feet running in a Turkey Trot.It’s the time of year again; the holidays are here, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Maybe you are one of those people who think of Thanksgiving and think of food, family, and football. Or maybe you’re thinking of pumpkin pie and just avoiding family. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re the type who thinks TURKEY TROT!

I once saw a funny meme saying something along the lines of “I loved my spouse till I realized I married into a family that runs Turkey Trots.” I know people have mixed opinions on them. I only ran my first one last year, and it was enjoyable. However, I understand the differing thoughts.

On one hand, it’s a great way to get out before a day of family and feasting while sitting around watching football. On the other hand, it is a holiday, and some agree that you should just be relaxing.

I like to think I fall into the third category. A mix of both. I think it’s a fun activity (it also doesn’t necessarily need to be a Turkey Trot; it can be anything: a pick-up football game, a walk, or a workout). It’s a great way to move your body for the day, just like any day of the week. But I also see where it’s a holiday; some people prefer to soak it all in and rest. It’s nice not to rush to get up on a Thursday morning and take the morning slow with your family.

So now that you know where I fall, here is my full thought on the whole thing. If you are doing a Turkey Trot because you feel like you have to “earn” all the food you will eat that day. DON’T. I see many people with this mentality of “having to burn the most calories so you can eat.” Again, don’t. One day of eating will not derail you. Focus on enjoying the holiday, spending time with your family, and eating that apple stuffing (a favorite of mine).

But if you’re a person who enjoys a good Turkey Trot and isn’t using it as a punishment or to “pre” work off the mashed potatoes, go for it! Like I said, it is fun! It’s a great way to move, socialize, and feel accomplished.

I’m still on the fence about if I will be doing it again this year. What I will be doing, though, is working out and moving my body just like I do every Thursday for the many benefits. To get strong, to keep up with my kids, and for mental clarity. I won’t be doing it to earn the apple stuffing. I’ll have earned it by getting my kids to wear nice clothes for the day. That alone could count as a workout!