Jess is a stay-at-home mom to her three children and a personal trainer. She loves to combine motherhood and exercise and help moms be the best version of themselves physically and mentally. Jess and her husband, Mike, moved from NYC to Westchester almost ten years ago. You can usually find them on some sort of youth sports field or doing something active. Jess also loves spending time at home reading, eating anything sweet, and watching Bravo reality shows. You can follow her journey on Instagram @jquickfit.
A son annoying his mother.

10 Things I’ve Learned in a 10 Years of Parenting

My oldest son recently celebrated his tenth birthday. As moms, we know that with every birthday our kids celebrate, it’s “Oh my gosh, they’re growing so fast.” But something about ten really hit differently for...
A mom meditating with her daughters.

Nurturing Hearts and Taking Care of Your Own

February is all about love, flowers, candy, and especially hearts. The kinds that can be made out of construction paper, the love you feel in your heart, and, of course, your actual heart. As moms,...
A woman saying yes to self-care.

Shift Your Mindset and Add More to Your Life

Moms, I’m sure every time you see an article by a personal trainer at this point in January, you’re thinking, “Here we go again,” more crazy advice or someone telling me to diet and...
A father making holiday cookies with his children.

The Invisible Load and the Holiday Season

If you are a mom, then you are most likely experiencing the “Invisible Load.” Maybe you are aware of it or have never heard the term. For those who haven’t, it is described as...
Feet running in a Turkey Trot.

Too Hot to Turkey Trot? Or Not?

It’s the time of year again; the holidays are here, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Maybe you are one of those people who think of Thanksgiving and think of food, family, and football....
Breast health awareness.

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Breast Health All Year

It’s no surprise to every woman out there that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And while seeing pink everywhere and feeling the love and support women get during this month (and what a...
Jess at the Subaru White Plains dealership standing next to a 2023 Forester

The 2023 Subaru Forester

If you know me, then you know I grew up in a car dealership. My family owned a dealership for over 50 years until they sold it in 2006. I’ve been around cars and...
A mom sending her child off to preschool.

The Last Year: Soaking It up and Embracing What’s Next

The last year before your last baby goes off to preschool, or the last year that your last baby is in preschool, or maybe it’s even the last year before your last baby goes...
A mom exercising with her daughter on her back.

Forget the Scale: The Real Reasons Moms Need to Workout

It’s not news to anyone that working out is important and needs to be done. I would almost argue aside from the basic health reasons and benefits, you could even say each stage of...
A mom and daughter holding their arms up.

The August Mom

The August Mom. The mom is torn between trying to savor every last precious moment of summer and looking at her watch while constantly wishing for Labor Day. The mom torn between loving the...