Workout Time: Ways to get in Activity During Cold Months


A woman getting ready for a run in the snow.Outdoor activities have dwindled down to a slow drip from the faucet. “It’s cold out.” It’s raining.” “It’s dark out.” “I’m tired.” “I have to bring the kids to their activities.” “I have to cook dinner.” “I just don’t feel like doing a workout.” These are some of the comments I hear from women when I ask why they don’t get their workout in.

I am here to tell you you can get some workout time. It is something that can be done. There are ways for moms to get a workout in during their week. 

I am on my own health and fitness journey to lose excess weight. To do that, I am changing what I eat and moving my body more. I have experienced the benefits of moving my body due to continuous workouts.

Do you want to know what my secret is? My secret is – are you ready? Are you sure? OK. My secret is to get up from the sitting position and move. I know, I know. It seems too easy, right? It looks easy, but working out and eating healthier is a mind game you play with yourself. 

Let me tell you three ways I make time to work out, especially during the cold months.  

1. Schedule Workouts

I am a working mom that works outside of the home. When I commute to work, I pack my gym essentials in a bag and bring them to work. In doing this, I am making time to work out.

I like to schedule my workouts at least a week at a time, and I will usually plan the exercises two weeks in advance. This way, I am making my workout a priority, and I am taking time for myself. We can all agree that spending time to ourselves benefits our minds and souls. My current workout schedule is to workout four times a week.  

2. Plan Workouts

I plan exactly what exercises I will do once I start my workout. This way, I am not wandering around the gym looking to see what machine I want to use. Time is precious. I do not want to spend an extremely long time doing my workout. Planning the workout makes great use of your time.

3. Make the Time Count

I break up my workout time slot. When I exercise, the average time is about 45 minutes. Some days, I can work out for as long as 90 minutes. However, some days, I can only get in 25-30 minutes. The key is that however long you decide to work out, make that time count.

If you only have 15 minutes, increase the intensity of your exercise. If you are walking in place, walk as hard as possible to get your heart pumping. If you are working with your hand weights, work with those weights until exhaustion. If you are doing yoga poses, pose for as long as you can hold it. 

4. Choose a Routine You Love

The key to making the workouts happen frequently is picking activities YOU love. When you do that, you will gladly make time to schedule these appointments with yourself. You will start to look forward to the activity. You will, as a result, make yourself a priority and, 99% of the time, keep that appointment with yourself.

I love to get my workouts in. I am to the point where I miss the activity when too much time has passed between sessions.

I would love to hear about how you start getting your activity in during these cold months! Comment below!


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