National Just Because Day


just becauseAugust 27th is National Just Because Day. I think this is a great excuse to do things “just because” for both kids and adults alike. Pay a stranger a compliment, eat all your meals al fresco, call up an old friend. What better day to do something nice for your kids, significant other, a total stranger, or most importantly – yourself!

The origins of the day are fairly sparse, but the story goes that a California man named Joseph J. Goodwin invented the day in the late 1950s or early 1960s. He gifted his wife a transistor radio “just because” and turned the act of gift-giving into a day to celebrate. 

These days especially, it’s the little everyday parts of life that should be celebrated and acknowledged—and doing something fun, silly or caring “just because” for those we love is a true win-win. So go ahead and serve ice cream for breakfast, wear your pajamas all day, have a popcorn-fueled movie marathon, and then have more ice cream for dinner. 

If you’re looking for more meaningful ways to celebrate the day, one idea I love is to write a letter to each of your children and send it to them by mail. What kid doesn’t love getting mail addressed just to them? The letter can list all the reasons why you think they’re so awesome, wishes you have for them, and can serve as a great reminder to them just how loved they truly are. 

And while you’re at it, please remember to do something nice for yourself too. Buy a new nail polish or lip gloss, treat yourself to a fancy lunch, or take an hour to yourself with a good book, coffee or tea, and candle and relax. You know, just because.