Christine was born and raised on Long Island and now calls Westchester home. She and her husband Marc have lived in Hawthorne since 2014. With a background in PR and Marketing, she's now a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom of two. Christine loves to travel, read (when she has the time!), practice yoga, and try out new recipes (that she hopes her kids will actually eat).
A family sitting on the couch.

Perfect Family Day

July 18 has been deemed "Perfect Family Day." But my question is—by whom? No family is perfect, and I do not believe we should try to be. Rather, we should all celebrate our imperfections and...
A woman confidently wearing a swim suit.

Wear the Swimsuit

As summer quickly approaches, odds are you'll spend more and more time at the pool, beach, waterpark, etc. Anywhere you can go to have fun and cool off. And so, if you have not heard...
A woman putting sunscreen on her face.

Don’t Fry Friday

Since Memorial Day weekend is known as the unofficial start of summer, it makes perfect sense that it would also coincide with Don't Fry Friday. This is typically celebrated on the Friday before Memorial...
A birds-eye view of Ellis Island.

National Ellis Island Day

Many Westchester County residents can trace their family histories back through Ellis Island. But I'm not sure many have actually been there, or at least probably haven't visited in a long while. I know...
A family reading a book together.

International Read to Me Day

March 19th celebrates International Read to Me Day. This one hits close to home for me since I work at a library and love reading. Today is a great time to read to and...
A woman buying flowers.

I Can Buy Myself Flowers

February 28th is known as National Floral Design Day. I bet you didn't know that! Well, neither did I. However, I think it's the perfect day to buy flowers for yourself, a loved one,...
A woman's feet in a bubble bath.

National Bubble Bath Day

January 8 is National Bubble Bath Day - a day to take some time for yourself and relax in the bath. And I think we could all use some post-holiday pampering, don't you? According to...
A mother and daughter under a blanket watching a movie.

It’s Twixmas Time

Did you know that the week between Christmas and New Year's is referred to as Twixmas? Well, neither did I, but I kind of like the sound of it! Think about it, you're betwixt...
A woman in chaos holding her head.

Chaos Never Dies

Sound familiar? If your family is like most, I'd say the chances are pretty high that you're currently living the "chaos never dies" lifestyle. And let's be perfectly honest - the holiday season amps...
A woman looking through a cook book in the kitchen.

The Recipe Book of Memories

Recently, during a conversation with friends, the topic somehow turned to baking and Bisquick (of all things). This prompted me to remember a Bisquick cookbook my mom had for as long as I could...