Chaos Never Dies

A woman in chaos holding her head.Sound familiar? If your family is like most, I’d say the chances are pretty high that you’re currently living the “chaos never dies” lifestyle. And let’s be perfectly honest – the holiday season amps up the chaos with all the special events, school projects, kids’ days off, and so much more.

So, how can we combat the chaos while embracing its reality?

Well, maybe we need to learn to say no more often. We want to be able to attend every holiday party, cookie exchange, Santa luncheon, or lighting event, but sometimes we can’t do so without feeling completely overwhelmed.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, how do you think your kids are feeling?

Instead of saying yes to a million different things, pick a few that are meaningful and say “sorry, next time” to the others.
Have a stay-in night or weekend where you get cozy as a family, prepare your favorite treats, and watch a movie or holiday special. Find a weekend morning where you stay in your pajamas, make pancakes and hot chocolate, and then do an indoor activity as a family, like baking cookies or working on a holiday craft.

Now I know you can’t eliminate all chaos from life – that’s unrealistic, and honestly, sometimes a “little” chaos can be good. But you can choose to do what you love and focus on that instead of allowing your mind to spin with the thousands of other things that just might not be worth it.

Take time to relax, enjoy the upcoming season, and brace yourself for a bit of chaos because, after all, they say it never dies.


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