Love Your Local Library


A librarian holding a stack of books. Did you know that April 16 is National Librarian Day? No? Well, neither did I, and I work in a library! But it’s a great time to show some appreciation to your local library, or if you haven’t been inside one in a while, take a trip to see what you’ve been missing.

I think libraries are such an important part of their local communities and many others would agree with me.

They’re a place to gather, gain knowledge, have meaningful conversations, and even just sit and relax. When my kids were babies and toddlers, trips to library story time and other special children’s programs were integral to our weekly routine. And now my kids love taking a trip to the library to see what new things are available and check out old favorites. 
National Librarian Day was first celebrated in 1958, sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA). However, it didn’t become a yearly celebration, until 2004, when the ALA revived it to raise awareness for the appreciation of library staff. Side note, as a library worker, thank you, ALA!
This is a great opportunity to visit your local library whether you’re a frequent user or can’t remember the last time you checked out a book.

These days, libraries have so much more to offer. In addition to books, patrons can access their favorite magazines, TV shows, movies, and more, many of these on digital platforms.

Many libraries even have museum pass lending programs where patrons can access free or discounted passes to popular museums in Westchester, NYC, and CT
Fun fact that some might not be aware of, if you have a library card at any library in Westchester, you may use it at any county library. You don’t need only to take books out or return them to your local library. And if you don’t yet have a library card for yourself or your kids, what are you waiting for? Sign up for one today and open up a new world of possibilities for you and your family. Your local librarians will thank you.