Forget the Scale: The Real Reasons Moms Need to Workout


A mom exercising with her daughter on her back.It’s not news to anyone that working out is important and needs to be done. I would almost argue aside from the basic health reasons and benefits, you could even say each stage of your life requires different exercise needs and what you’ll get out of it. Sure, it was great working out in your early 20s, and all you had to do was look at a dumbbell, and you were toned (just for the record, that was NEVER me. But alas, those people exist). Or when you could battle anxiety with some deep breaths.

But now that you are a mom and a little older, it’s not as easy.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are a mom. Chances also are that exercise and working out may not come easy, and it can be a struggle to get it in or stay consistent. Sometimes, women have difficulty separating the “I need to lose weight” aspect of exercise from the actual benefits you’ll get from it.

Once you start focusing on the added benefits of regular exercise rather than the scale, it can be easier to do. It’s all about mindset! Here are my top five reasons moms should work out that have nothing to do with how you look or what the number on the scale says.

1. Mental Well-Being

Exercise releases endorphins, which can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. As moms, handling your mental health while taking on all the responsibilities isn’t easy. Exercise is my go-to when I feel overwhelmed, anxious, or even a little burnt out.

2. Energy Boost

Physical activity can increase energy levels. Remember all the days pre-kids when you thought you were “busy.” Ha! I wish I could go back and just be that “busy.” Moms have so much on their plates that they need the energy to keep up with life. Exercising gives you energy and a boost to tackle it all head-on.

3. Better Sleep

Regular exercise can improve sleep quality, leaving you more rested and clear-headed during the day. However, moms and sleep do not always go together. Moms need sleep to recharge and recover from a busy day of “mom-ing.” Most moms I talk to always say they have a hard time sleeping. My answer is always exercise (and earlier in the day if you can). It will not only “tire” you out but also clear your mind to help you relax.

4. Self-Care

Taking the time for exercise can allow moms to focus on their own well-being. Whether your kids are infants, preschoolers, school-aged, or teenagers, they are always around or need something from you. But the saying is true; “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” You can’t pour at all if you don’t care for yourself. Exercise is a great form of self-care and “alone time.” Focus on you and what you need to fill that cup.

5. Role Modeling

Prioritizing exercise will set a positive example for your children and teach them the importance of staying active and healthy. Not only am I taking care of myself, I’m showing my kids how important it is to do so. I love nothing more than seeing my kids curious or wanting to work out with me (well, sometimes!). I hope it will teach them that exercise is a lifelong commitment and shouldn’t be a “punishment.”

So next time you struggle with motivation or desire to move your body, don’t think of the scale or six-pack abs. Think of all the other benefits you get for your physical and mental well-being. From increased energy levels to reduced stress, staying active can significantly enhance the quality of life for moms. So, lace up those sneakers and move your body towards a healthier and happier life for you and your family.