Don’t Do the Dishes!


A sink full of dirty dishes.My daughter has a Holiday-a-Day calendar, and as I was browsing through it the other day, I noticed that May 18 is National No Dirty Dishes Day. I love the sound of that because I, for one, can’t stand having dirty dishes in the sink.

The worst feeling is when the sink is full of dirty dishes, but so is the dishwasher. It’s never-ending!

But then I thought there could be some fun ways to combat that on National No Dirty Dishes Day. Apart from the obvious – wash your dishes, there are more creative ways to “celebrate” this very important day in May. 

If the weather is nice, plan a family picnic! You can either do takeout sandwiches and sides or make your own. Grab some freezer paper, wrap up sandwiches, cut up fresh fruit, and add a few bags of chips and your favorite beverages. Spread out a blanket, lay out your food, and you’re ready for a family feast. Easy clean-up and no leftover dishes to do! If the weather isn’t cooperating, you can do this indoors on the floor and watch a movie while you eat. If outside, bring some bubbles, balls, a frisbee, or whatever you’d like to play with.

Take the family out to eat. Let the kids choose their favorite restaurant and have dinner out. Or change things up and order breakfast at the diner or try a cuisine you’ve never had.

The best part is there are no dirty dishes to come home to at the end of the night. And that’s the best feeling!

Teach your kids to help with the dishes. My son recently took an interest in washing dishes, so I’ve been helping him, and we’ve been doing them together. It’s a great way to help teach responsibility; better yet, if they learn they need to help wash them, maybe they won’t use 542 plates and cups each day!