Arvigo Massage for the Win


arvigo massage

Have you ever heard of an Arvigo massage?

What if I told you by having this particular massage done your sex life would improve, digestive issues will improve, scar tissue will be broken up, it can help with infertility, and put your organs back in place after having a baby? Add to the list not having any cramps during menstruation …sign me up!

I jumped at the chance to have some alone time. My 14 month old is with me all day every day. To say I needed any type of alone time is the truest statement that has ever left my mouth. 

Arvigo abdominal massage therapy can do all of those things in just two sessions. What’s the catch? Well, there is one, you have to do your homework. Ugh homework, I know. But only 3-5 times a week you have to do a very simple self-massage on your tummy. That’s it! 

Arvigo abdominal massage is an external, non-invasive, and nurturing treatment of the abdominal and pelvic area that gently guides internal organs into their appropriate anatomical positions for optimum health and well being. Men and women can both benefit from this therapy. 

After only two sessions and some homework I no longer had cramping during my cycle at all. The random pain along my cesarean scar went away, and my digestion has improved. If any of this sounds like it would benefit you, look for a practitioner in your area. You won’t regret it!

Erinne is a stay at home mom, doula, and reiki practitioner. She lives in Trumbull, CT with her husband Jim and daughter Cora. Erinne enjoys spending time with friends and family, visiting the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and going to local attractions. She loves doing jigsaw puzzles and escape the room games whenever her busy schedule allows for it. 


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