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Guest Contributor
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Laura Simon Photography

Tips for Your Outdoor Spring Photos From Laura Simon Photography

Yay for spring flowers! Daffodils, cherry blossoms, and magnolias, oh my! There’s nothing like the blossoming of spring after winter in New York. I photograph spring sessions in Westchester, NYC, The Hudson Valley, and...
A mother laying on the couch holding her baby.

How to Prioritize Your Wellness in the New Year as a Mom

Congratulations, you have survived the holiday season. You are ready to tackle the new year and hit the ground running. You may be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with little thoughts about your mental health...
The lobby at Graybarns

Quick Trips for a Winter Break Recharge

Many of you will hit the road with your family for the holidays and be exhausted when it’s over. Others will host family and friends and are equally exhausted when it’s all over. Whether...
Family eating Feast & Fettle meal delivery.

Feast & Fettle: Your Dinnertime Solution is Coming to Westchester

Feast & Fettle will soon be Westchester County’s newest meal service, and it’s any busy parent’s solution to a quality dinner. Whether you’re feeding hangry toddlers or your teens are going through a growth spurt,...
Kids away at sleepaway camp.

Dos and Don’ts of Being an Awesome Camp Parent

School is out for summer, so it’s time for my two girls to go to overnight camp for a couple of weeks of swimming, sports, gaining independence, singing lots of songs, and making new...
A woman with her head in her hands.

I’ve Attempted Suicide and Here’s What I Want You to Know

Trigger Warning: Suicide I’ve attempted suicide. I had self-harming behaviors as a child. The first time I attempted suicide, I was about ten years old. I didn’t know how to do it, so I took my...
A woman who doesn't like her mother-in-law.

Who Says You Have to Like Your Mother-in-Law?

The relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law is one of the most complex. Not to be confused with the mother and son-in-law scenario, there is no comparison! It’s just a mother/son thing. All...
A woman creating her vision.

Motherhood and Agency: You Have Time to Listen 

Agency. What does that mean for you? Agency - the kind I want to discuss has everything to do with you. I am writing for an audience I belong to; mothers at home raising...
Happiness continuum.

The Happiness Continuum: Happy, Happier, Happiest

Happiness is a continuum. A continuum that ranges from the feelings of being untroubled or pleased to the feeling of being ecstatic. Expanded, centered, and constricted are existential terms related to becoming more self-aware....
A frustrated woman wrapping holiday gifts.

How to Thrive Amidst Holiday Stress

I love the holiday season because it’s a time filled with joy, the togetherness of family and friends, and delicious foods. It’s also a time of high expectations that can be very stressful, overwhelming,...