Motherhood and Agency: You Have Time to Listen 


A woman creating her vision.Agency. What does that mean for you? Agency – the kind I want to discuss has everything to do with you. I am writing for an audience I belong to; mothers at home raising their children full-time. 

We made a decision that took us out of the conventional workplace and brought us to a new challenging place—where goals are less measurable but certainly no less important. Mothers make incredible contributions to their families, chosen villages, and communities every second of the day.

Agency is an action toward independence. This driving force takes us to where we need to go. How do you bulk up on determination when the day-to-day hurdles seem insurmountable? 

The first step might be to acknowledge that nothing in motherhood is permanent; therefore, we can be the change agent we want. In fact, the nature of motherhood lends itself to agency and self-discovery.

From experience, I am a big believer in taking small steps. A perfect plan does not exist. You have agency and possibility even when you feel stuck. The skills you develop on the homefront give you the power and flexibility to direct yourself where you want to go. 

Step back for a moment and appreciate all you consistently maintain on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule. Imagine applying a portion of that energy toward agency. When you step towards your goals with faith, change will occur. Consider that you may also underestimate your agency. It might be time to listen and discover new goals. Take a fresh look at what is possible in your life.

In my circumstance, supportive friends remind me of my self-worth and all I can do. For example, these friends have become trusted ears to listen and affirm what is essential. We have time to pursue our gifts and work toward new goals. One friend describes it as a shoulder tap to remind us, ‘I got this.’

Here are a few benefits of starting something of your own through agency: flexibility, possibility, and inspiration are yours to grow. Starting a small floral design business from home gave me the flexibility to be present for my children, create my work schedule, and set an attainable goal with minimum risk factors. 

I started to see possibilities around me, building something step by step with determination. Flexibility means I can work on my original floral designs, order from wholesalers, and even make arrangements anytime. Each of us has unique talents. When we dig in with determination, we create positive change in our life. We also inspire other mothers to do the same. 

So consider the gifts or talents you have put on the back burner. The greatest part of agency is taking yourself from behind the scenes to the front lines. You need passion, talent, and desire to share your gifts.

metaMeta A. Ela is a mother, entrepreneur, floral enthusiast, and writer. She has a background in Education and Art from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She started her floral design business, Design Flower Fairy, in December 2020, grounded in the belief that small gestures of beauty matter. Meta lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut with her family. She is passionate about mothers finding their gifts and living authentically.