Waking Up Early is the Key to a Happy Life


A woman drinking coffee alone in the morning.I would never consider myself to be an early bird. But I’ve learned that waking up a few hours earlier in the morning can do wonders for your morning routine, productivity, and mindset. 

In my younger days, I’d wake up and not get much done and scramble to fit things in throughout the course of the day. I would hit the snooze button and find myself still groggy throughout the day.

As I got older, I began to learn that the key to having energy, being productive, and being successful was actually hidden in something that I never liked to do!

Having kids that wake early shifted the time that I got up. I would rise around the same time as them; however, I would feel stressed and overwhelmed at the start of my day, which dictated the flow of the remainder of my day in a negative way. The thought of getting up 1-2 hours earlier than my kids didn’t sound appealing, but after doing some research, it seemed necessary. After all, studies show that there is a link between the most successful people in the world and their morning routines and schedules.

During the first few hours of the day, there are fewer distractions because most of the world is still asleep. This makes it easier for you to get your uninterrupted work done in peace. There is nothing better than getting up to a quiet house and having a cup of coffee or tea, and spending time alone. 

Taking this time to reflect, meditate, read, journal, pray, etc. will set the tone for the rest of your day, making it easier to manage and navigate. Beginning your day early and making the point to be positive and intentional will help you feel less overwhelmed and rushed, and you’ll have more control of your day and how you perceive what arises throughout it.

Waking up before your kids, significant other, or anyone else in your household gives you time to create a morning routine that helps feed your mind, body, and soul and allows you to take time to focus on your wellness. This is something that is easily overlooked even though it’s so vital to our well-being.

In addition to the quiet time waking up early will also allow you to create some health goals that are now more achievable. When you have more time in your day, that 30-minute workout is much more manageable, and it will help to further release endorphins that will carry you throughout the day. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll have more energy to tackle the challenges ahead. 

If you like to write but can’t find the time adding in a few minutes to journal and practice gratitude is a powerful reflection piece that can be added to your daily routine to shift your mindset and focus in a powerful direction. 

Waking up early creates good habits, which lead to having a healthier and positive mindset. Waking up earlier will allow you to accomplish more, work on your personal development, and spend time doing the things you love, so this boosts your happiness. 

Set your goals and create a purpose so you will wake up earlier to crush your goals. Write them down and stick with them! Change up your bedtime routine to support your mornings and create a schedule that works for you!

You’ll be surprised how this new habit will begin to create self-discipline in other areas of your life. Allow yourself time to adjust to your new routine, and of course, don’t forget to finish your morning routine off with a healthy breakfast. 

Are you an early riser? What helps you be more productive throughout the day?


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