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Every two years, my girlfriends and I take our Girls’ Trip. This is a 3-5 day leave it all behind and relax kinda trip, no guilt allowed!

It started as a crazy idea as we thought about a three-day trip to Florida. With each of us having multiple children and one being pregnant, I remember being so happy that we pulled it off and had a short break…and some fun! We appreciated every moment of that trip.

Then, when we were planning our 40th birthdays, we all decided to forgo the big parties    (thanks, COVID) and take another trip filled with beach days, sleeping in, catching up, and fancy dinners. This time, we did four days, and each moment was amazing. We have so many memories from this birthday trip, including cheesy reminders that we were now in the forties club!                                                                   

But first, let me introduce my travel companions. Truthfully, they are more like the sisters I never had, and I have known them since fourth grade when I transferred to their elementary school.

They have all known each other since kindergarten! We have been through it all together: marriages, divorces, loss, and, of course, growing up and all that comes with it, the pretty and the awkward.

We knew we could take a trip together, which would be the ultimate comfort level since we know everything about each other and then some. We have taken trips together before; our junior year of high school was a week in Myrtle Beach, and for our senior year trip, we went to Disney World and hung out with Mickey.

I won’t dig out these old photos even though it’s tempting! We still have inside jokes about these trips and a special voice we only use while on vacation together. It’s ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time. Hullllo Floridaaaaa!

One-fifth of our crew moved down to Boca Raton about five years ago, and that’s when our decision to take our girl time trips originated. My friend knew that where she was living would host the ultimate spots for relaxation and a little bit of luxury that we working New York mamas weren’t always accustomed to.

Luckily, with my friend’s flexible work schedule, she could host us at her beautiful home for a few nights, and we also spent a few nights at a hotel. It was the best of both worlds and budget-friendly! We had delicious brunches on the beach, tons of relaxing time by the pools and beaches, shopping trips, movies, great conversation and laughs, and much-needed vitamin D and time to reset.

Did I feel guilty for leaving my kids the first time? Yes, I absolutely did. But when my husband told me to go and enjoy myself and that I deserved some time off, I packed my bags.

He was right. The first trip was only three days, and it had been almost a decade since I’d been anywhere away from my kids. My husband and I also made a short trip to Miami for our tenth anniversary. We hadn’t taken a real vacation since our honeymoon. Luckily, my grandparents were able to help us with childcare, which I know is an absolute luxury that not everyone has.

The girls and I did Boca Raton on the last three girls’ trips, and in two years, we were thinking about trying something new like Nashville. 

If you find yourself in the Boca Raton area, I highly recommend The Boca Raton and the IPIC for the best movie experience.

Have you taken a girls’ trip? Where would you recommend? Drop a comment!

To my Maria, Lisa, Katie, and Sattie, my sisters, my forever partners in antics and adventures, I love you girls more than you know!


  1. I have online friends that I met in a chat room when I was pregnant with my first in 2007. We’ve done a few trips in groups of different sizes and actually rented a house in Nashville about 10 years ago. Just this past summer I did a long weekend trip to MD to one of their houses with one other friend. Girls trips rule!!


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