Nicole is a proud mother to her three children, Reagan, Johnny, and Tristan. She and her husband keep busy with their two fur babies, Henry and Teddy. Nicole lives in Somers with her crazy crew, and when she’s not wiping noses, serving snacks, and reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”, she’s writing for her blog, Mama Explains, which offers relatable parenting tips and stories. You can find her on Instagram @mamaexplains or visit her blog at She’s also a huge lover of Nutella, nineties music, and her Peloton bike, which she rides mainly for the ’90s-themed classes.
A pregnant woman holding her belly.

Have You Heard About MTHFR?

Trigger warning. This may be difficult for some people to read, especially if you’ve experienced pregnancy loss. This is also written from my personal experience and perspective. I am not a medical professional. Do...
Women on a girls' trip.

Take the Girls’ Trip

Every two years, my girlfriends and I take our Girls’ Trip. This is a 3-5 day leave it all behind and relax kinda trip, no guilt allowed! It started as a crazy idea as we...

Doing YOU after 40!

There’s something about turning 40 that makes you start thinking differently. At least, that’s what happened to me. Two years ago, I turned 40. While dreading the impending big 4-0, I managed to handle it...
A gir

Imposter Syndrome

"I feel like I have imposter syndrome with this new job," my good friend said over brunch while explaining the details of her new position. "What do you mean by imposter syndrome?" I asked while...
A mother and daughter wearing the trends.

Slay, Girl, Slay! Following the Trends According to Your Preteen!

Cropped hoodie...check. Neutral clothing...check. Stanley Cup...check. Nike Air Forces that match the backpack...check. Charged iPhone with matching background...check. Aesthetic on point...check. Using the word aesthetic all the time and in the wrong context...check, check. If...
A child holding a pop-it sensory toy.

The Sensory-Seeking Child

“Mama, I want you to hold me! Hold me now!” My 3.5-year-old son constantly needs to touch me. He often asks to be held and carried around the house even though he’s super tall...
A mom being comforted by her young son.

How to Handle Loss and Grief With Your Children

"So, is Ann Marie in heaven now?" my six-year-old asked me as he saw me sobbing uncontrollably. I didn't expect him to be with me when I got the news that my aunt had...
A woman's feet as she relaxes at the beach resort.

My Kid-Free Anniversary Vacation

I never thought I would type out those words together.... kid-free anniversary vacation. With three kids and two dogs, I didn't think my husband and I would get to go on a trip just...

All the Feels While Feeling What Your Child Feels

It was the third and final dance competition of the season. My daughter was performing her first solo, a hip-hop number called Perm, a compilation of Bruno Mars songs. As an eleven-year-old, the routine...
A woman turning 40.

The Maintenance of Aging

Over the last couple of months, my body has been feeling different. I wake up achy, and my legs always hurt. My sciatica flares up more than usual, and if it miraculously isn’t bothering me,...