How Often Do You Take Me-Time?


me-timeI am sure that everyone who reads this blog has 849,033 things that they try to manage all simultaneously, right? Being a mom in this day and age (to children and fur babies) can be quite taxing on your attention and energy. But have you considered moving your “me time” up in priority status? In addition to making sure your children have full bellies and are clean and well-rested, it is important to take some me-time. It is essential for your well-being as well as your family’s well-being.

I never really thought about taking me-time as a priority until January. I am a mom of two kids (then 6 and almost 3) and a cat. I am married, and I work full-time outside of the home. At that time, my commute was local – a 20-minute commute in the morning and a 30-minute commute home. (Now, I travel to Brooklyn, which is an hour and 20 minutes on a good day, making all of the right connections and minimal delays, but I digress).

The work pressure had been building over the past 6-8 months. I basically was juggling mounting work pressure along with running a household with two busy kiddies. I was walking around in a zombie-like state. I was tired. I was achy. Getting my gym sessions in was the only thing that actually helped manage the stress that I was feeling. BUT, I still felt like I could not keep up with everything.

Everything I did was not up to snuff with what I “thought” I should be doing. I had such a short fuse. I had no tolerance for any misbehavior from the kids, from my husband, or work. Everything was stressing me out.

I decided that I was going to go away for a long weekend – by myself. I told my husband that I was going to go away solo. I didn’t know how he would take it. To my amazement, he enthusiastically said, “GOOD! You NEED to do this.” Wow. I couldn’t believe he was in full support of my trip. I was so thankful. I guess he saw how mentally exhausted I was.

I told two of my girlfriends. One was so excited for me and wanted to tag along. One was actually not excited. She did not appreciate that I was going away by myself. The questions came out. “Why are you going away by yourself? Who is going to watch the kids? Why isn’t your husband going? Why aren’t any of your friends going?” These questions are enough to have some women second-guess their decision. At one time, I think those questions would have deterred me too. They did not this time. I was surer of this than I was of anything else that I did in my life.

So, the time came, and I went away. I flew out to Miami and met up with a friend I had been following on social media for over a year. This girl, who I had never met in person before, welcomed me with open arms! I knew I would meet up with her, but my friend took me around her city and treated me like family. 

I relaxed, went to the beach, drank wine, met people, ate, rode at two Soul Cycle studios while out there, and mentally checked out. Listen, I am a mom, so of COURSE, I checked in twice a day with my kiddies via Facetime.

BUT, I rejuvenated my SPIRIT with this vacation. I came back home a brand new woman with a new outlook on life. Me-time was just what I needed.

I tell you this because I want you to take “me time.” You need it. It doesn’t have to be a trip to Florida to do it. Maybe it’s a day trip to the spa. Maybe it is a long drive out to Montauk for half the day. Maybe it is going shopping at a place that is farther than where you normally go. Maybe it is taking yourself out to dinner or a movie or both! Maybe it is taking a walk outside to clear your head. Maybe it is sitting in nature and just listening to it. But take this time for yourself, even if it is only five minutes while you take your shower. Your spirit always needs a refresher.

How do you take me-time?