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Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

Moving may be a hobby at this point. At last count I have moved 34 times, which includes six different states, both coasts and the Midwest. I was lucky to grow up with divorced parents that lived in two different states. I attended two primary schools and three high schools. Which pales in comparison to my husband’s childhood which included six states in three years. All moves aside, when we had our daughter I took making mom friends seriously because don’t ya’ know – raising a little one takes a village!

Blame it all on my Roots

At seventeen my biological father disowned me. I packed two bags and left everything else, including my top 5 percent GPA. Leaving suburban St Louis to live on a 400 acre farm in Illinois was enlightening and entertaining. I went from living next door to drug dealers to shooting a compound bow and mudding. In spite of all the moving your ability to define and discover friendship sharpens. Now as a mom I appreciate that friend-ucation because it’s friends that circle the wagons when life gets real. 

Where the mom friends at?

We moved from Williamsburg Brooklyn to Jersey City when I was eight months pregnant. However, once my daughter was born she was like a super magnet. We found mom friends everywhere – even while traveling. Moments with other parents experiencing the same things at the same time was relieving, and behold, incredibly bonding. While we loved Jersey City, black mold forced us to evacuate. And guess where we headed – straight for Westchester. New York’s Mom-mecca. 

Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

Here’s my short list of where I have looked and found new mom friends: 

  • The local playground – Stalk it. Figure out when everyone goes, and go then, even if it means the little one sleeps in the stroller and absorbs Vitamin D. Here is our round-up of some good ones!
  • The Library – Your town and all the other neighboring ones! They’ll have story times, holiday activities, maybe a toy area, LEGO clubs, etc. Ask the librarian in the kids department which days and times are most popular. Join your library’s email list to stay up-to-date.
  • Farmer’s Market – Pack up that little bean and meander the market every week. Sit and enjoy the fresh bread, live music, or a coffee while you people watch. You’ll start to recognize faces and be able to say hello. Read this blog to be on the up-and-up for farmer’s markets.
  • Workout – I know, I know.  Sweating and chatting up a bunch of strangers does not sound like friend-making. However, struggle together through cycling or crossfit and you may pick up a new running buddy or over hear fun local plans. 
  • Kids Classes – Take your pick – yoga, ballet, art, or classes held by your local Recreation Department. These are perfect places to meet local moms with kids the same age. 
  • Read Local Blogs – See who they follow on social media – follow them too. Attend their events. Check our March blog for upcoming local events!
  • Coffee Shops – Become a regular. Find one with wifi, take a book, and the babe in the stroller to hang out, have lunch, or a snack. Having a barista know your drink and name is an amazing and warm feeling when you don’t know many people. 
  • Co-Working – If you happen to be a mom-boss like myself, finding a place to work undisturbed can be hard. Co-working places are popping up all over and are a great way to meet and make new friends. Take a peak!
  • Adult Classes – There’a a growing trend for local businesses to host classes or workshops in relation to their business or their own side interests. Check out local restaurants, art stores, wineries, breweries, YMCAs, or boutiques for upcoming adult events – you’ll likely find other moms out for a break!
  • Pre-School – Even if they only go for one afternoon a week – host a moms lunch, invite class parents over for after dinner drinks, have a birthday party and invite the kids from class, attend pre-school functions, or become a class mom. 
  • School – Participate in your local Primary or Upper school activities and events. There are programs like Safe Routes, the PTSA, reading, holiday, scouts, sports, etc. The key to is getting involved in a group that peaks your interests!
  • Community – Lastly, my most successful endeavor in meeting friends was getting involved in our community. Meeting our neighbors (whether businesses or homeowners), attending board meetings, participating in community concerns, volunteering, or starting the local chamber of commerce. 

Groove is in the Heart

To sum it up – being involved and out regularly in my community regularly helped find mom friends. And only having been in Westchester for three and half years, I’d say this was my best experience at making friends.  

What was your experience like finding moms friends?

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Maggie S
Maggie grew up in Missouri and Illinois. After graduating with a BA in English, Maggie eventually found her way to New York. Surviving the layoffs and grueling hours of an investment bank during the financial meltdown was enough to make Maggie quit and go back to school. This time, she followed her creative spirit and studied jewelry design. Maggie and her husband welcomed their daughter Ele {July 2013} and moved their little family from the city to the suburbs of Westchester. In Westchester Maggie was irrepressible, opening her jewelry design boutique, Alice & Chains Jewelry; she founded a Chamber of Commerce; blogged for Westchester County Moms Blog as well as started her own running blog to combat local pedestrian safety issues. Then in typical fashion, life happened - Maggie’s husband was offered a job in Houston. Maggie fuels herself on chocolate, decaf, and old school gangster rap. If it happens to be a sunny afternoon you can find Maggie working outside on her laptop alongside with her bossy dachshund Lexxie {November 2003} and her family’s newest addition, a Rhodesian Ridgeback Masha {November 2018}. You can follow Maggie on Facebook and Instagram @aliceandchainsjewelry.