The Most Wearable Spring Fashion Trends


Spring season is upon us, which beckons in the sunshine, colorful arrays of flower buds, new life, and maybe somewhere deep down inside you, a stirring to freshen up your look a bit.

It turns out that inkling is spot on, and we in the fashion world look at spring as a major time for making style upgrades. It’s the perfect time for a closet edit to remove pieces that no longer serve you. It’s also a great time to bring in some new items to help you feel prepared for warmer days. 

If the promise of fresh spring air has gone straight to your brain and you’re ready to indulge in some new spring goodies, you know the excitement that comes with it. It’s awakening! It’s great! You feel alive! 

And then, you walk into a store or pull up the Shopbop website and,…the, you’re hit with the baggiest pairs of jeans and see-through ensembles that will not work for the pick-up line at school or your client meetings this month. You quickly close your browser or leave the store, assured but downtrodden that this year is again not the year to add some new things to your closet.

The question is, why does this keep happening to you again and again? The answer is simple. It’s because you aren’t prepared. You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without researching the ingredients to a new recipe, just like you shouldn’t go shopping for new clothes without doing a little prep work beforehand.  

One of the best ways to prep for a shopping session is to know what trends are out there. Even if you don’t consider yourself trendy, knowing the trends will allow you to better navigate what you see, know if it’s for you in advance, and not be overwhelmed when you open that web browser next time. To simplify for all of you busy mama’s out there, I will break down this season’s most wearable trends. Some may surprise you!

 1. Great Lengths 

While maxi skirts have never really been out, they are undoubtedly having a moment this season. I have been a fan of these for some time for the mom lifestyle, as they are a great alternative to pants. They are long and provide full coverage if we need to get on the floor and crawl around with the kiddos. They work with many mom-on-the-run footwear like booties, fashion sneakers, and flats. You can also dress them up with a heel for versatility. 

The key with a maxi and any skirt is nailing the waist and volume to best balance your body. Empire waistbands can be great for those with a long torso or an apple shape, the smallest part of the waist just under the bust. High to mid-rise can be great for those with a defined waist who want to highlight it (pears and hourglass). If you have a short torso, you can elongate it with a low-rise skirt. A fuller maxi with a defined waistband can help create balance and some curves for strawberry and rhubarb shapes. Here are a few of my favorites this season.

This blue maxi will be a go-to piece you can wear all weekend with your kids or as a comfortable but polished WFH bottom. The elastic waistband makes it adjustable to your body type.

Believe it or not, leather is another trend for spring. This faux leather maxi is a great unexpected transitional piece that can be layered with a lightweight sweater on chillier days and a tank when it starts to warm up. Given the defined waist, it is great on rhubarb shapes to highlight your slender silhouette and hourglass and pears. Just make sure it doesn’t hug the hips too tightly. 

The print and saffron coloring (another S/S trend alert) of this skirt is beautiful and great for balancing out a bigger upper half. Having broader shoulders or a large bust will pull the focus to the lower half of the body. Pair it with a simple tee and a denim jacket or vest to slim the midsection.

2. Denim Everything!

I have heard from so many moms who are so sick of denim trends changing, and quite honestly, I could do an extensive post on jean types alone (maybe that’s next month). The good news is, while there is a slue of new jean types this season, there is something for everyone. Here are a few of my favorite universally flattering options to get you through that denim deep dive.

The flare and mini boot cut are back, and you should embrace them. If you get the rise, length, and styling correct, I can’t think of one body type these don’t work on.

Best all-around flare option for mid-height to taller gals with a balanced to long torso as they are high-waisted and come in a 34-inch inseam. These jeans have a beautiful high slim waist and rich color. Light washes have been trending for a while now, but glad to say darker washes are making a comeback this spring. Denim in this color is very professional, but can also dress down.

Technically these are mini boot cut and are an incredible petite option. There is less fabric than a flare, so it won’t drown you in volume but still give the pretty sweeping, curvy effect of a flare.

Lastly, here is a midrise option for elongating their torso. I love the raw hem at the bottom. This can save you on tailoring the hem if you have a piece of chalk and good fabric scissors.

If jeans aren’t your thing, as I said, denim is everywhere now. Here are a few of my favorite non-jean denim trends.

The cutest denim pump with a very walkable two-inch heel. Great to spruce up your work attire or for weekend gatherings that require a little dress up.

Definitely an investment piece, but a super chic denim bag that doesn’t look juvenile. The size isn’t overwhelming, but it can still fit all the essentials a mom needs.

A modern take on the denim button-down. It’s a super flattering neckline for those who want to minimize shoulder width (strawberry body shapes). Conversely, it also works for women who love their shoulders, as it gives the perfect peek!

Mixing a knit maxi with denim boots for an elevated Spring look.

3. Transparent Layering

Ok, you saw the sheer trend, and it scared you off, but it’s really wearable if you stick to a casual top and follow a few rules. First, you want a top that is not skin-tight, and you want to layer it. Here are a few of my favorites that would be beautifully layered over a tank of the same color and paired with one of the loser denim styles that are so fresh right now. Take the same tank and sheer tee combo layered with a blazer and a dark denim flare, and you’ve made sheer office appropriate!

This is the ultimate sheer top. It’s not too tight, well-made (i.e., doesn’t read cheap), and comes in various springy colors, like lavender, yellow, and mint. They also do an easy sheer tee which is even more free-flowing if the baby tee is still too clingy for you.

This version is a bit more of a feminine, girly option. The puff sleeve is fantastic for balancing out a wider hip, and the lattice is an interesting design element.

When balanced with looser, less sexy items, a sheer top can work for a casual day.

4. Ballet Core

This is a trend that has actually extended over from last season, but with the lightness of spring. The ballet flat is a great in-between option as we transition between wearing boots with warm socks to full-blown pedicure-freeing sandals.

This cracked silver option is a bolder take on a classic ballet flat. The bonus is metallic hints will also pop up everywhere in the spring!

This pink ballet flat feels right for spring. The deep U of the upper is elongating on the foot and can lengthen your leg! It also comes in a beautiful white color with citrine accents, a highly versatile option for this season.

I love this option in red with nods to a real ballet shoe with a subtly blunted toe. It’s a surprisingly sophisticated take on a feminine trend.

Lastly, if you’re an edgy mama looking for transitional spring footwear, this studded ballet flat is for you. Just be cognizant of the front strap and that it doesn’t stunt your leg. To safeguard against that, ensure the strap is covered completely by your pants or several inches of space between the pant/skirt ending and the strap beginning.

Is there a trend you’re interested in or think would work for you? A question you have about a trend that’s not featured here? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll get back to you!

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