Standing Together Because Black Lives Matter


Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. – Benjamin Franklin

The circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd, amongst countless other men and women of color, have had a tremendous impact on our nation. We are ALL currently feeling the fallout from the inequality and injustices that we have bared witness to. We believe that black lives matter, and we stand together in voicing the fact that enough is enough. 

As a white woman, I acknowledge my privilege. But with that privilege comes responsibility. The responsibility to educate my children. The responsibility to listen and learn from other’s experiences. The responsibility to speak out against inequality and injustice in the world. I can do better. We can do better. Our children are watching and learning from our actions and reactions.  – Michelle

I am ANGRY, DISGUSTED, HEARTBROKEN, PERPLEXED, and AFRAID. These are just a handful of the countless emotions that I have been struggling with from the moment I lay eyes on my children in the morning until they shut at night. I am exhausted from perseverating over what the future has in store for them; these magnificent, intelligent, kind, multiracial HUMAN BEINGS that will always be black at first sight by the rest of the world. Unfortunately, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream is still not our reality. In 2020, we are still judged by the color of our skin, without regard for the content of our character. I am determined to STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, and ACT on my burning desire to be an instrument of CHANGE for my community, the BLACK community. I am done seeing #JUSTICEFOR (insert the name of a man or woman of color who looks like me or someone that I love) on my timeline. #BLACKLIVESMATTER period. – Lelia

I know this is a frightening time for people of color throughout our country. While as a white educator, I will never be able to feel personally what brown and black children and families throughout the country and in my own child care center are experiencing at this time. I am committed to being present with open eyes, open ears, and an open heart. I am prepared to listen, especially when that means hearing how I have fallen short in my words and in my actions. I stand ready to offer my voice and my participation in the struggle to bring equity and justice to our country and to our world.  – Shira

After much self-reflection, I realize that even though I may not fully understand what the community is going through, I stand with you because black lives matter. I know these words may not be enough because so much damage has been done, but I promise to spread kindness, stand up for injustice, and have honest conversations with my children. Respect, love, and solidarity. – Catherine

I am outraged by the racial injustice in our country. Violence, inequality, and prejudice against the black community must end. #BlackLivesMatter – Jessica

Between my absolute disgust and outrage with the treatment of minority communities in the US, and my place of privilege as a white woman, I’ve stayed silent up to now, not knowing how my voice could possibly be constructive. But my silence feels a heck of a lot like complicity, especially given the unacceptable fact that the color of my skin confers me some level of privilege. I recognize this, and it is my duty to not shy away from the uncomfortable truth. To the Black community: your lives, your safety, and your ability to rely equally on the systems that benefit me matter deeply to me. I am watching, listening, learning, and making the effort to use that knowledge to raise my child to know and do better. I’m sorry, and I stand with you. – Erin

My family believes Black Lives Matter. We are heartbroken for the black community.  – Angela

Over the weekend, a dear childhood friend was speaking on the phone in her parked car when a cop approached her window to ask her a question. Her immediate response was intense fear. Simply stated, this is not okay. It is not okay that this beautiful soul felt any ounce of panic because of her skin color. Yesterday afternoon, I took a walk around a corporate park while my son was taking tennis lessons. I thought about me. I thought about my friend. If a cop approached me during my walk, I would have no reason to feel scared. This is the difference. More than ever, I understand that I cannot understand. More than ever, our communities need to show our support, educate others, and be that true ally that most of us think that we already are. We need to continuously do this – not just in times where the current events bring attention to it. – Melissa

I’m deeply saddened by the continued injustice happening in our country, and I pray that we can come together and use love, compassion, and empathy as a means for healing instead of violence. My family and I stand behind and support those who are suffering at the hands of injustice. #BlackLivesMatter – Anne Marie
My family believes that black lives matter. We are saddened and shocked by the death of George Floyd and all the injustices that came before him and hope that real and lasting change comes out of this. We want to thank the people who are out on the streets protesting during this crazy time. We stand behind you. – Ruth

As a white family in this country, we have a responsibility to recognize that we’ve inherited a system built upon racism. We must humble ourselves, listen more than we speak, hold each other accountable, and be guided in our anti-racist action by Black voices. Black Lives Matter. – Lauren

Black Lives Matter. – Emily

Do the right thing, say the right thing, feel the right thing because it really matters. We all really matter. 8 billion strong. Black Lives Matter. – Fran
It is terrifying to know that our children are being brought up in a world where so much MORE needs to be done in terms of racial equality.  Why do some people look at skin color and choose to treat people differently because of it?  We are all human. Black people deserve the same respect, decency, and equality as white people. No matter the color of your skin, we must all stand up and do our part for those that are oppressed. We must teach our children the same. #blacklivesmatter – Bena


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