For the Love of Reading


A boy reading a book in the library.My house is full of readers. Since taking them home from the hospital, my husband and I have read to our kids every night. And I truly believe this sparked not only a love of reading in both of them but also their early-reader skills.

So, if your kids are anything like mine, they probably love visiting their local library and picking out a stack of books each time they go. During the early days of the pandemic, most libraries were closed to public browsing, so we utilized the curbside pick-up option multiple times a week. Once our library announced its re-opening to patrons, my kids were so excited to finally be inside, able to browse and choose books by themselves. 

Since it’s the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to start something new, why not make this the month to sign your kids up for their own library cards (if you haven’t already).

This gives kids a bit of independence and autonomy and the responsibility for choosing their own books, checking them out, and making sure they return them on time. They can even set up their own “due date” cards at home with the title of their books and the dates they’re due back (or check their library’s app – whichever makes things easier).

This month, my local library is even doing a fun activity for both kids and adults – a Winter Reading Bingo page with various activities and challenges to complete for the month. Activities include reading a book under a blanket, reading a book made into a movie, taking out a cookbook, and making a recipe from it. Participants who complete the challenges receive a free book to keep. Whatever helps get kids to read more and find their love of books is worth it.

Reading books opens up a world of possibilities, and what better time than the start of the new year to embark on a new reading adventure with your kids.