Inspiration Physical Therapy PLLC: It’s Time to Be Inspired

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I have always been passionate about healthcare and helping people. My journey to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy was unexpected, rigorous, and transformative into exactly who I was always meant to be. 

But it wasn’t until I opened and established Inspiration Physical Therapy PLLC, a Mobile Concierge Style PT Company, that I truly began to live my truth. My truth is that everyone deserves a healthcare provider who is dedicated, comprehensive, attentive, takes their time, and truly listens to their patients. Each one of my patients receives one-on-one, hands-on, 60-90 Minute Comprehensive Evaluations and Treatment sessions. Yelena

The results so far? My patients meet and exceed their own physical therapy goals in less time and return to sports, travel, dancing, and cooking with relief and a new sense of vitality. They return to their favorite activities with a toolbox of how to prevent further injuries.

Inspiration Physical Therapy PLLC: A Different Approach

A long time ago, it was common practice for doctors to do home visits. But, as the healthcare system became overburdened, many small, private practices were bought out by more prominent companies. The world of physical therapy was no different. During my first few years as a clinician, I experienced firsthand that working in more prominent companies meant that the numbers and how many patients could be seen per hour were the primary concern. 

This approach had patients coming in for therapy for months, sometimes for years, because, at best, they were receiving 15-20 minutes out of their actual session with the PT. The rest of the time was used with passive modalities such as heat and ice or doing the prescribed exercises on their own without anyone placing their hands on the muscles that need to activate. Physical Therapy needs to be precise; if you do an exercise incorrectly, you may not get the benefit of it, and even worse, you may cause further injury. 

At Inspiration Physical Therapy, my main concern is figuring out the underlying reasons for the pain and impairments I assess, prescribing a treatment plan with a heavy approach of manual therapy techniques interwoven with therapeutic exercises and neuromuscular re-education.

When someone calls me with an acute episode of low back pain, there is a sense of relief when I tell them I will come over to them. I know when people are in severe pain, the last thing they want to do is sit in their car stuck in traffic and then be in a waiting room.

A standard initial evaluation includes the following: vitals, medical history review, posture assessment, manual muscle testing, range of motion, special tests, palpation, breathing assessment, balance, proprioception, and sensation tests. Each initial evaluation includes treatment in the same session. A home exercise program is also created and sent to each patient. All my patients communicate closely with me in-between visits. Therefore, they can adjust their exercises based on their responses. A woman holding her son in the air.

In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy

Purposeful play, energetic games, and exercises are the highlights of all my pediatric PT sessions. Babies and children are most comfortable and relaxed in their home environment. This also allows me to educate the parents and caregivers on pro tips for setting up their environments for optimal development. Simple and straightforward stretches, exercises, and positional changes seamlessly bridge the gap from PT to parent.

I help babies and children with the following conditions achieve their optimal level of function: torticollis, developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder), gait (Walking) difficulties, in-toeing, and toe-walking. My gentle and fun approach utilizes positive reinforcement and motor learning principles throughout. 

Why Choose Inspiration Physical Therapy?

A convenient, comprehensive, whole-body approach integrates hands-on manual techniques, including functional mobilization, joint mobilizations, and massage, with targeted exercises I will do with you.

My goal is for my patients to need the least number of visits. I want to empower my patients to understand that movement is medicine and exercise is powerful. I want them to see and experience that healthcare can and should be individualized!

The testimonials that my patients have written have been humbling and awe-inspiring. If you need Physical Therapy, I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Yelena Bregman, PT, DPT graduated from New York Medical College in 2015. She is the Founder of Inspiration Physical Therapy PLLC and is also a Clinical Instructor at NYMC.