Feeling Out Your Frustration

A frustrated woman holding a phone. We’ve all been there—those little moments of frustration that start to escalate into something bigger and bigger. Maybe you woke up in a bad mood, were late for the bus, spilled coffee on your new top, and on and on.

Did you know there’s a day for acknowledging and then releasing that frustration? Me neither, until now. October 12th is also known as Moment of Frustration Day. It’s the perfect day to let out and let go of all those nasty frustrations that seem to build and overflow.

So, how can you let go of these frustrating and stressful thoughts? Walking is a great way to clear your head and energize your body. The fall weather is perfect for a walk around the neighborhood, park, or anywhere else you like to go. Maybe listen to some music or your favorite podcast and take in the pretty fall sights and smells of colorful leaves, Halloween decor, and the crisp scent in the air. 
Another great way to get rid of your frustration, and one that I can personally recommend, is to write it out – or journal, if you will. This is an important skill I’ve been practicing with my 9-year-old, and it’s also had a positive effect on her.

When you’re feeling frustrated, anxious, or stressed, write down the things that bother you.

Once you get those thoughts down on paper, you can see a clearer picture of what is going on, and most of the time, things aren’t nearly as bad as they seem in your head. Visualizing it right in front of you helps to get you out of your headspace and into reality. 
Call a friend or family member. Chances are, they can commiserate with you and also help you through any negative thoughts. Talking to someone and making that human connection always seems to help and once you hang up, odds are you’re going to feel a lot better than you did before the call.
Do something for yourself. Yes, we talk a lot about the importance of self-care, but there’s a reason for it. Self-care is true and necessary for our mental well-being.

Take a few moments out of your busy day to slow down, take in your surroundings, and take care of yourself.

Your brain will thank you. And chances are, you’ll feel a lot less frustrated.