The Best and Worst Parenting Advice I Ever Received


parenting adviceThe first time you have a baby, every person you meet wants to give you their opinion on raising your child. They want to tell you what to do while pregnant, how to give birth, and what to expect in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Keep in mind; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some people should keep theirs to themselves. 

When you have your second baby, you get the same overwhelming unwarranted, unwelcome advice from everyone…again. However, it is much easier to tune out. You know what you are doing. Nonetheless, it is just as annoying. 

Here is a list of the best and the worst parenting advice I have ever received.

Great advice for pregnancy:

  • Everything in moderation. Except for drugs and alcohol. Avoid those. 
  • Internet articles are not the end all be all. If you have a concern, call your doctor. 

Worst advice for pregnancy:

  • Don’t lift your arms over your head.
  • Don’t bend down to pick things up off the floor. 
  • You’re drinking coffee? Your child will have ADHD. Avoid caffeine at all costs.
  • Google your symptoms. 

Great advice for giving birth:

  • If you take Advil or Tylenol for headaches, get an epidural. Don’t be a hero.
  • Be open to any changes the doctors think are necessary. They have you and your baby’s best interest in mind. 

Worst advice for giving birth:

  • Have a specific birth plan and stick to it. The doctor will adhere to any requests you have.
  • Natural birth is the best. C-sections are the easy way out. 

Great advice for infancy:

  • Trust your gut on what your child needs. You are the mother, and you know best.
  • There is no right or wrong decision on breastfed or bottle-fed. FED is best for your baby.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. You can cook and clean (if you have to) when the baby is awake. 
  • Enjoy every second, even those restless nights. In the big scheme of things, it is only a short time you will experience these stages. Soak it up! 

Worst advice for infancy:

  • Your child should always wear a hat for three months. They need to be kept warm (Please make a note: keeping your baby too warm CAN, not that it will, but it can cause SIDS).
  • Only wash your baby’s clothes in Dreft. 
  • Only breastfeed/bottle feed your baby.
  • Don’t breastfeed your baby in public.
  • Don’t hold your baby all the time, or you will spoil them.
  • Use only xxx brand of diapers. Everything else will cause rashes. 
  • Always use diaper rash cream, even if it is not necessary. It will prevent any irritation.
  • Get rid of your cat before the baby comes.  

Great advice for parenting:

  • Don’t mom-shame others. You wouldn’t want them to do the same to you.
  • Don’t compare your journey to others. Everyone does things in their own way and in their own time. If you have concerns, call your doctor….or your mom.
  • Take care of yourself. There is a reason they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first if an airplane is crashing. 

Worst advice for parenting:

  • Only eat organic/vegetarian/vegan. You don’t want to pump your child with all those chemicals added to foods.
  • You should do everything your mother or mother-in-law did for you or your spouse, exactly how they did it. Things have not changed since they raised you.
  • Keep your child in a bubble. Germs and dirt will cause infections that will last lifelong. 
  • Don’t allow your child any screen time. 
  • You should not allow your third grader to have a cell phone. You didn’t need one in third grade, and they don’t need one, either. 
  • Only let your child’s teacher help with the learning process. It is their job. 
  • There is only one reason your child is acting out. They are hungry.
  • Follow the milestones you read about on the internet. 
  • Google your child’s symptoms. 
  • Less than three years apart is too close together.
  • More than two kids are too many.
  • You have your hands full (everyone’s favorite).

What is the best or worst advice you have ever received?