17 Reasons Why I Miss Nap Time


nap timeToday, my house is quiet. I almost forgot what that was like. My husband and his brothers took my 4-year-old out for the day, and it’s just me and my baby girl. She is about to be one in a few weeks, so naps are an important part of her day.  

My son, on the other hand, gave up naps ages ago. He’s also at an age where he constantly wants me to play with him. Wrestling and LEGOs and re-enacting Beauty and the Beast. It’s adorable, and fun, and utterly exhausting. 

Today I got to remember what it was like to have nap time. It was glorious! It also got me thinking about all the things I miss about having nap time. So, here’s my list. Let’s see if you can relate!

  1. I can actually hear my thoughts! They don’t have to shout over my already shouting 4-year-old.
  2. I was able to have a phone conversation without someone either demanding I get off the phone so I can go back to playing with them or someone taking over the conversation.
  3. I listened to a documentary on Bob Fosse, uninterrupted. 
  4. I went to the bathroom by myself.
  5. I didn’t have to place my beverage in inconvenient places so that short people wouldn’t accidentally knock it over. 
  6. I was able to throw on a bit of makeup.
  7. I was able to leisurely enjoy my Facebook newsfeed instead of frantically trying to catch up with the outside world while sitting on the toilet.
  8. I ate a cookie without anyone grabbing for it.
  9. I was able to sort through papers and not have the toss pile become scattered around the room. 
  10. I didn’t have half-eaten crackers shoved in my face.
  11. I didn’t have boogers wiped on my shirt.
  12. I sat down for longer than 5 minutes.
  13. I was able to leave a room without having to assess what the preschooler, baby, and dogs could possibly get into.
  14. I was able to use two hands to do things.
  15. The only question I had to answer was, “What should I do next?”
  16. I was able to take a shower without a half-sized person coming in to wait for me to finish so I could go play with him.
  17. I was able to write this blog post.

The thing is, while I utterly enjoyed nap time for far too many reasons, I also couldn’t wait for my boys to come home. Sure having a rambunctious preschooler can be loud and hectic and overwhelming, but it’s also fun, and loving, and exciting. Watching his imagination and his understanding of the world develop is truly a blessing I wouldn’t give up for the world. 

Breaks are nice, and today was a great one, but I couldn’t imagine having a quiet home. I truly enjoy playing puzzles and re-enacting Beauty and the Beast for the 437 millionth time. Nap time is nice every once in a while, but my every day is so much better!

What would you do with a break from the kiddos?