10 Must-Have Art Supplies for Toddlers


Toddlers are completely uninhibited when it comes to art. They have yet to reach the self-conscious level of ‘my tree doesn’t look like a tree,’ and therefore, it is an amazing time for them to explore creatively. Not only is art an engaging activity for toddlers, but art fosters fine motor skills, which will prepare their hand muscles for writing.

Here are ten art supplies to add to your toddler’s creative arsenal. 

1. Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip company knows their customer. Kwik Stix are fast-drying, brightly colored tempera paint sticks that are easy to grip and super washable. The metallic colors are a great choice for kids who like glitter!

2. Easel Setting up paper on an easel for painting, drawing, or even chalk is a great way to develop hand and wrist muscles in the position they will be used for writing. Even a table easel will enable wiggly toddlers to stand while creating.

3. Tempera Cake Watercolors There is something about adding water during any art project that makes a child’s face light up. A good set of tempera watercolors allows for thicker and thinner usage. For added fun, hand them a pipette to explore the paint-filled water with absorbent paper. Pipettes double as bath time fun too!

4. Do A Dot Markers Do A Dot Markers are addictive to toddlers. Something about gripping them and pounding the paper to achieve perfectly colorful circles is very satisfying. Download a free, printable dot marker worksheet HERE

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5. Tape Tape fosters amazing hand control to rip, stick, and unstick. This road tape is perfect for vehicle-loving little ones, while some may prefer to make their own flower with this super cool petal washi tape.   

6. Stickers Children hone their fine motor skills (and even patience) while learning to peel away stickers from the backing. Foam stickers are a wonderful start, as they are large and sturdy for little hands to peel. For some extra fun, always have a pack of eye stickers on hand. They make every piece of art into a magical creature!

7. Scissors Cutting skills are not expected for toddlers; however, familiarization with tools is helpful once they are in school. Pick up a pair of scissors that ONLY cut paper. They are an excellent introduction, with no risk for injury. 

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8. Spiral Art PadPaper seems like an obvious must-have. However, a spiral pad enables a journaling effect and allows children to look back at previous creations. Be sure to date each page and talk about what they’ve created.

9. Twistable CrayonsTwistable crayons seem to last forever and, most importantly, do not break into small pieces. The silly scent twistables are a wonderful gift for any age!

10. Glitter Glue Give toddlers a handful of small cut paper, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and some glue, and they will create a masterpiece. Of course, everything is better with glitter, so glitter glue is a must-have!

*Please note: many small art supplies can be a choking hazard. All creative endeavors should be supervised closely. 
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