Bringing Back Family Game Nights


A family playing a board game.Let’s put those screens down and play some new board games!

When we go to visit extended family over the holidays, every kid is glued to some screen. Either playing Minecraft, checking their social media, or doing some weird poses for selfies. The adults are pretty much the same way.

This year, why not make the conscious decision to go offline and bring back family board game nights?

I grew up in the generation of Monopoly, Scrabble, and Sorry! However, board games have made a huge revival since then. They tell elaborate stories; some pit teams against each other, while others are a group effort to beat the game. Most of you might think, “Like those nerdy Dungeons and Dragons-type games?” Well, yes and no. Some are as complex as D&D, but many are family games with a creative spin.

Here’s a list of my favorite five board games for your family. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

1. King of New York 

This is actually a sequel to “King of Tokyo,” this popular and easy-to-pick-up game allows players to become monsters! Your goal is to rule over New York City through destruction and chaos by defeating all other monsters on the board (or the first to reach 20 Victory Points). Best for ages 10+.

2. Catan

Originally titled “Settlers of Catan,” you’ve discovered a new uncharted island called Catan and have decided to establish a settlement. Unfortunately, other folks have the very same idea. Your goal is to create settlements, cities, and roads by collecting resources. The first to reach 10 Victory Points wins. Best for ages 10+.

3. Pandemic

All players work together to try to eliminate several diseases that have broken out simultaneously around the world. Working together, you travel to different cities, treat those who are infected, discover a cure, or build research stations. You can control the difficulty of the gameplay through the rate of infection. Best for ages 8+.

4. Forbidden Island

You and your team have discovered an Archean Empire that has the ability to control Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth through four sacred treasures. All players work together to discover these four treasures before the islands sink. You can control the difficulty of the gameplay by raising or lowering the water level. Best for ages 10+.

5. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

It’s one of my favorites and also a great party game. Each player is assigned a character, one of which is a werewolf. Each character has a role to play, and by the end of the night, everyone must collectively decide who the werewolf is within five minutes. If no one finds the werewolf, the werewolf wins. If everyone finds the werewolf, they win! Best for ages 8+.

If the new games don’t suit you, you can always enjoy the classicsHappy board gaming!

What’s your favorite board game?


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