Lauren Tetenbaum

Lauren Tetenbaum
Lauren A. Tetenbaum, LCSW, JD, PMH-C is a writer and social worker specializing in supporting millennial and young women through life transitions. She is also Mommy to Luke (2016) and Eva (2018). Lauren grew up in Manhattan and moved to Scarsdale in 2020, her first-ever venture into non-city-living (and she loves it!). Through her counseling practice (The CounseLaur), Lauren provides therapy in NY & CT, facilitates groups and workshops to empower postpartum and other women in corporate settings, and contributes to media on topics like maternal mental health, gender equity, and working parenthood. Lauren’s additional interests include early aughts pop culture, movie theater snacks, and the color pink.
A woman holding her toddler on the beach.

Change Can Be Hard and That’s Okay

At the last PTA meeting of the year, I cried (maybe more than once) as my current volunteer term on the Executive Committee ended. On the last day of school, I couldn’t bear to...
A woman on social media.

A Look at Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Did you see what she wore to that party? Did you see me make that shot, Mom? Did you see where they went on vacation? Did you see me draw my picture, Mama? Did...
A woman sleeping.

Top Tips for Better Sleep (and a Better Mood!)

If you know me, you know I love to sleep. My husband knows that what I want most for Mother’s Day is a lazy morning in which I can sleep in (or, as we...
A puppy laying in a pink dog bed.

Our Children Suddenly Grew: A Love Poem for My Pet Puppy

It feels like our children suddenly grew, I think it’s because of our new Cavapoo. We’d been wanting a pet but felt nervous. “You’ve got kids,” they said. “You can do this.” Now we’re back to baby blankets,...
Three women smiling.

Get Inspired By International Women’s Day

What happens when we include women? When women are included in corporate decision-making, they bring analytical perseverance, provide fresh and inclusive perspectives that reflect the nuanced impacts of working parenthood and gender inequity, and encourage...
A mother hugging her son.

Presence is a Present

My relationship with my son is changing. He’s my best friend, and I probably give him more kisses than anyone in the family. He no longer likes it when I hug him in front...
Contributor Lauren on New Year's.

On the Power of Positivity

I don’t always come up with New Year’s resolutions, though I like to use this transitional period as an opportunity to reflect on lessons and goals. Through my counseling practice, I encourage my clients...
Holiday Magic

Moms Deserve Holiday Magic Too

Sometime during my two-hour drive in the dark, dropping off Halloween “boo bags” for every kid in my son’s class, it occurred to me that moms need to save some holiday magic for themselves. Maybe...
A kid frustrated at school.

My Kid is Struggling with School – What’s a Mom to Do?

By November, many of us feel settled into the school year – but many may not. Some students struggle with school, whether focusing in class, following instructions, or feeling confident about homework. And those...
RMA of NY breast cancer awareness event.

Empowering Choices — From Testing to Triumph

To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month (though we take care all year!), we at Westchester County Mom were invited to an informative event about BRCA, Breast Health, and Fertility at the beautiful Bedford Playhouse....