Michelle is the Owner and Editor of Fairfield County Mom and Westchester County Mom. She has spent her entire life in Fairfield County, growing up in Norwalk and now residing in Fairfield, CT. Michelle married her husband, Chris, in October 2008. Before motherhood, she thought she was busy, but now life with her son Shane (March 2011), twins Blake and Brynn (June 2013), Hank the Lab, and Bruce the Frenchie, the meaning of hectic has been redefined! Michelle is also a working mom, teaching third grade at a local public school. When she’s not making lists, chauffeuring the kids, and doing laundry, Michelle enjoys standing along the sidelines cheering on her kids, lounging with a good book, eating dark chocolate, and sipping on some tequila.
Sports and connection.

Juggling Sports and Connection

Being a mom of three children, all actively involved in various sports, can feel like a never-ending balancing act. Between lacrosse practices, basketball games, and conditioning training, finding time to connect can be a challenge. However,...
A Feast & Fettle meal delivery.

Take Something Off Your Plate and Add Feast & Fettle

This year I’m going to stop saying, “Once xxx is over, things will get a little easier.” I need to accept that as a working mom with three kids, my life is chaotic. My...
A woman drinking a glass of wine.

Whine Time Doesn’t Have to Mean Wine Time

Whine time. You know that time of day, usually right around the time you need to start making dinner, and everyone starts complaining? Babies cry and fuss, toddlers poke and prod at you, big...
A chiropractor working with a patient.

Hello Summer, Bye-Bye Aches and Pains

Over the years, I've learned that age is definitely a mindset. Most days, my mind still thinks I'm 25 (does anyone else forget how old they are?), but my body likes to remind me...
A pregnant woman with a chiropractor.

A Natural Solution to Pregnancy Aches and Pains

No one tells you about the gross things during pregnancy and how much your body will change. There is so much more going on than that growing belly. Say goodbye to sleeping through the...
searching Westchester vaccine locations on a phone.

We Can Do This – Finding a Vaccine in Westchester County

Our ultimate goal as moms is to keep our families safe and healthy. With COVID-19 vaccines now available for children 5 years old and older, there is a light at the end of the...
A masked girl about to get her COVID vaccine.

Making Decisions: We Can Do This

Moms are the ultimate decision-makers. From deciding on what to serve for dinner each night to planning fun family activities, we were doing it all. And then the pandemic hit, and we found ourselves...
Foodie Card

Order Out and Save Money with Foodie Card

After a long day of working and running my kids from one activity to the next, cooking dinner is the last thing on my mind. And please don't mention meal prepping; it's never going...

Vivvi In-Home Childcare Keeps the Summer Learning Alive

As a teacher-mom, I live for the summers! The weather is beautiful, the days are longer, and the pace is slower. But the kids are home, and we need to keep the learning alive...

A 20-Second Hug

We are only a few weeks back to school, and I’m already overwhelmed. Work is piling up, my house is a mess, the laundry is overflowing, and keeping up with distance learning is near...