Melissa is a Bronx native who moved to Westchester County after she and her high school sweetheart got hitched in 1997. She and her husband live in Mount Kisco with their son Corey (2004) and daughter Mia (2007). Melissa spent many years working in Human Resources and currently works in enrollment and marketing for a child care organization. Melissa is a two-time survivor of Postpartum OCD. She initially became interested in writing to raise awareness for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders but has discovered that writing is a newfound aspect of her life that she thoroughly enjoys. Melissa is excited to write with the Westchester County Mom team and hopes you’ll enjoy her stories of the trials and tribulations of a born-n-raised city girl raising teenagers growing up here in Westchester.
A boy getting ready to be dropped off at college.

What the College “Need-to-Bring” Checklists Fail to Mention

As my son prepares for his sophomore year of college, I cannot help but think back to last year. I read all the "must-do" and "must-bring" lists. However, there were still certain items we...
Mexican food.

Westchester County Mom Picks: Favorite Mexican Restaurants

Our Westchester County Mom contributors live all over this beautiful county. Each of us knows our own corners well, and as a team, we love sharing our collective resources and knowledge of Westchester County...
A college boy in his room.

The Freshman 15

Freshman 15 refers to the theory that first-year college students gain around 15 pounds during their freshman year of college. Luckily my son avoided that. Unfortunately for me, those 15 pounds landed nicely on...
A family frustrated with cooking.

Cooking Isn’t My Thing

As much as I adore living in Westchester, I have realized that it’s entirely possible that I was meant to live in Manhattan instead of the northern suburbs of NYC for one primary reason...
Mount Kisco

Spotlight on Westchester :: Mount Kisco

We all love our own little cozy corners of Westchester. There are many things to do and see, places to eat, and parks to visit. Who doesn’t love exploring the county and “finding” the...
virtual library

Local Libraries to the Rescue: Programs and Resources for Families

A public library is truly an amazing place. Sometimes we need a reminder that it is more than books! Our local libraries host awesome events for all ages, including arts and crafts, computer coding...
Husband leaving for a business trip with his suitcase.

Feeling Disconnected: Managing Your Partner’s Business Travel

I've jokingly referred to my husband as the traveling salesman. He is not in sales, but his job often requires business travel.  In my opinion, the "idea" of business travel is much more glamorous than...
A team at a business meeting using business lingo.

Business Lingo: Let’s Hop on a Call and More

How funny is business lingo? Sometimes, I spew phrases such as, “I’ll loop you in” or “Let’s touch base.” Almost like an out-of-body experience (was that me?). With a shudder and a sense of...

WECO Hospitality: It’s What’s for Dinner

In my home, the question, “What’s for dinner?” often results in my husband and I staring blankly into each other’s eyes. And not those loving gazes, but rather more like pure piercing stares. Neither...
making memories

Making Memories Across Westchester County

My husband, daughter, and I went to Stew Leonard's not too long ago. As we walked around, memories crept up as I started thinking about the times we had been there as a family...