Lauren Schwarzfeld

Lauren Schwarzfeld was born and raised in Yorktown, and aside from college in Boston and a few months living in New York City, she has spent her entire life in Westchester. She has lived in Mt Kisco with her husband Karl since 2006, where they have three kids, Mia (2008), Jacob (2009), Abigail (2012), and two dogs, Edna (a four-year-old beagle) and Felix (a one-year-old pitbull-lab mix). Lauren is a writer, coach, and leader in community engagement. She helps women rediscover their strengths, passion, and confidence to reclaim their spot in their life and step outside the box of perceived expectations. Her goal is for women to create a future that is authentically and unapologetically their own. As the Chief Operating Officer at (914) Cares, a local non-profit, she combines her business background with a passion for volunteer work and desire to care for the community around her. Connect with Lauren on Facebook or through her website!
Two women having a conversation.

Words Matter, Choose Wisely

In early October, I spent a long weekend in Truckee, California. While exploring the town, I did what I often do. I found a cute bookstore and wandered around. I love books. I also...
A woman holding her ears on overload.

Mom Brain at Capacity

There's a meme that reads, "One minute you're young and fun, and the next you're turning down the car radio so you can see better." My kids (ages 14, 13, and 10) find this...
A woman Googling information.

Life Is Not a Multiple-Choice Test

Are you curious? With constant access to the Google machine (that’s what I call my iPhone. I think I stole the phrase from Joe Scarborough), the HOW of pretty much anything is just a few...
A toddler hugging his mom.

I’m a Terrible Mom and That’s Why I Like It So Much

I’m good at other things. I say this a lot, usually around parenting and domesticated type things that I resist or am terrible at (baking, cleaning, ensuring my children shower regularly). I say it with...
A mom apologizing to her son.

Say Sorry

“Say sorry!” It’s a common phrase we say to children, but how often do we say it to ourselves? We expect our kids to constantly be aware of wrongdoings and be ready, willing, and able...
A woman thinking.

Parenting By Design

Have you heard of Human Design? It’s like if a personality test and horoscope had a baby… but a really interesting and insightful baby! Recently I’ve heard a few podcast episodes and seen some posts...
A woman on the couch reading.

You Are What You Read

You know the saying, “You’re like the five people you spend the most time with.” I like to think that applies to all kinds of influences - not just people, but situations, settings and...
A woman holding a mug that says "Like a Boss."

I’m Not A Boss Mom

I’m a boss (sometimes). I’m a mom (all the time). However, I never call myself a Boss Mom.  I’ll preface this by saying that I make no judgment about the titles that fit for anyone...
Productivity Trap

The Productivity Trap

Hustle culture tells us that we should be running, sprinting even, at an all-out pace…all day, every day. It tells us that if we aren’t where we want to be and don’t have the...
words matter

Words Matter

Words matter, but you can change them. Have you heard of the 75Hard Challenge? It’s fascinating when you dig deeper into what it actually is, but it can be a little intimidating on the surface. I’ve...