Fran was born, raised, married, and still lives in Mount Kisco, NY. She has four kids, including a teenage daughter and two precious grandsons, whom she babysits a couple of days a week. She also works part-time as an accounting clerk, helps run her husband’s excavation business, and lastly aspires to finish writing her book one day. Despite her crazy, busy schedule, she cooks almost every night for her big family and tries her best to keep up with the dishes! She truly believes spontaneity is the spice of life, and sometimes the very unexpected happens, but it’s usually all for the best. Enjoy her many tales of raising kids over 20 years; what an amazing journey!
Italian mom

I’m a Stella D’oro Kind of Mom

In recent years, the movement to promote awareness of certain illnesses, conditions, and cultural differences has been successful in uniting and educating each of us. We can stop for a minute and appreciate and...

Coming Home From My Guilt Trip

The start of a new decade has shown us that it's possible to unify and separate an entire world population simultaneously in ways that none of us could ever have imagined. The pandemic, or...

Can We Agree to Disagree?

An opinion, by definition, is a personal belief or view, not based on enough facts to produce total certainty. We each are entitled to an opinion regarding ANY subject matter, and therein, unfortunately, lies...
teenage years

Are Teenage Years the Best Years?

Are the teenage years the best? Ideally, they should be, but a teenager faces so many changes, physically, mentally, and emotionally that if the parents of a teen are not in tune with them, their...
Magic eye

Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at COVID-19

BEFORE: Each morning, we would hit the ground running, off to work, school, or anywhere we needed to be. The point was we left. AFTER: Quarantine sent us ALL back to the starting line. And since...
still dance

I Can Still Dance

We each have a “go-to” activity to fight stress. Under normal circumstances, we choose ways to decompress so we can function properly throughout a stressful week. Some moms like shopping for hours for useless...
turning sixty

Sixty is the New Me

This is what I know so far. Sixty is an extraordinarily tough year. Amidst Type A flu, the stomach bug, leap year, and now the coronavirus, I turned 60 years old. A midlife crisis hit me...
dinner table

A Mother Always Makes Room at the Table

I think all of us moms can agree on this...the role a mother plays in the lives of her children is very crucial and far-reaching at any and every age. But I didn’t realize just...
Thankful all year round

Be Thankful All Year Round

Several weeks ago, another Turkey Day went down in the books, and suddenly a new holiday season is upon us. Wow, time has taken some serious flight! And as it happens every year, the...
lost art of cooking

Has Cooking Become a Dying Art?

The trend of not cooking has been slowly growing, but I realized very recently just how popular it’s become. Ironically, I think I’ve been too busy preparing three-course dinners every night even to notice. What’s...