Lawyer turned ad woman turned boy mom turned performance artist, and writer Drew Kramer is a cat with nine lives. With a Masters in Transformation, she's writing her own script. Her current work, The Lady & the Floofs, is a cross-platform story encouraging parents and their Floofs to try things. 
Vegetables in broth.

Peace, Love & Chicken Feet: In Broth We Trust

In November, I devote my life to broth.  Broth is a humble but mighty liquid with the magical healing power to transform a no-good, very bad day into something a bit more tolerable. In my...
Spanish tortilla

The Successful Failure of the Lady’s Spanish Tortilla

Ever wonder what four pounds of Baby Gold Potatoes look like? After an Instacart fail of my own making, I found myself potato-rich. On the bright side, potatoes can last for several months in a...

An Ode to Noodles: A Picky Eater’s Love Story

There was a time when all I ate came in a box of dried tubular forms of dough. I wanted it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Slathered in red sauce, pesto, or butter, I...
meet new contributor Drew.

Burnt Out Ad Woman Turned Stay-at-Home Mom Cooks Up A New Kind of Lady:...

Once upon a time, there was a shy, creative little girl growing up on the north shore of Long Island. She was always painting, writing, singing, and acting but never felt quite good enough....